Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO)

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Reflexions on the political and economic Lebanese  news.
Lebanese current events.

Lebanese events 2008 :

*26-12-2008. HIZBULLAH incompatible with Lebanon Democracy.

*7-12-2008. We will vote against General AOUN.

*26 Nov. 2008: OBAMA raises hopes.

*30 SEP.2008: Reconciliations Masquerade.

*30-7-2008.Bad SULEIMAN-ASSAD Meeting in Paris.

*30-6-2008.Wrong way of the Lebanese President.

* 25-5-2008.Inaugural Address of President Michel SULEIMAN.

*30-4-2008.Lebanese Mafias stole democracy.

*4-4-2008.Call to Army Generals to act quickly.

*28-3-2008.PM Fouad SANIORA declaration.

*15-3-2008.No participation in Damascus Summit.

*5-3-2008.Call for Neutral Democratic Lebanon.

*15-2-2008.Rafik HARIRI third memory results.

* 10-2-2008.Rafik HARIRI third memorial.

* 15-1-2008.Restore Lebanon State.



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Association pour la Démocratie Forte Transparente au Liban (ADFTL)

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 التجمع الديمقراطي القوي الشفاف في لبنان

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Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO)