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Sunday 7.12.2008.

We will vote against General Michel AOUN and his staff.


Since the return of General Michel AOUN to Lebanon in 2005, returning from his forced exile in France for 15 years because of the Syrian regime that has massacred many officers of the Lebanese army, we noticed that he has ceased to criticize this regime and its Lebanese allies among the Lebanese terrorist groups.

A curiosity is known about this general who fought for independence of Lebanon before his installation in 2005 in a house in the AL RABIYEE village. He is housed in a residence belonging to a Palestinian!

Another curiosity was noticed by most Lebanese. While most anti Syrian Democrat politicians hiding for fear of being killed, and dozens of killings took place against the independence current Lebanese personalities, the group of the general AOUN appeared calm and quiet. There was no murder in the ranks of his political group.  

While HIZBULLAH had caused an unnecessary war in July 2006 which resulted in destruction and thousands of deaths and disabilities of innocent Lebanese citizens, this general had gesticulating his support to HIZBULLAH and claimed he had won the war with this terrorist group.

With strong believer in the hope that the majority of Christians in Lebanon had believed in him through his past as a freedom fighter in Lebanon until his return to Lebanon in 2005, he betrayed the electorate by changing his policy after the 2005 parliamentary elections. He became an ally of the Syrian regime before any solution of ongoing conflicts between Lebanon and this regime. The massacres of Lebanese by the Syrian army, disappearances for political reasons, the political imprisonment, and military pro Syrian networks who infiltrate the Lebanese State, assassinations, threats, are all serious conflicts which remain unresolved and preventing the government of Lebanon to function normally and democratically.

Bashar ASSAD, President of the Syrian regime, has to be accused of having ordered the assassination of Rafik HARIRI, former Lebanese Prime Minister and many other Lebanese. The folk honours organized by the Syrian regime to General AOUN for 4 days in Syria in recent days are part of a political and military program to reinitiate the Syrian influence in Lebanon State.

The Syrian regime hopes to boost pro Syrian groups in Lebanon to win a majority in parliamentary elections of spring 2009. And if the pro Syrians lose the elections, it is not excluded to use the Christian General Michel AOUN as a showcase for a military action of HEZBULLAH and the Syrian army into Lebanon. A possible pro Syrian Lebanese government could protect Bashar ASSAD of the international tribunal on the assassination of Rafik HARIRI and reduce the  penalties against the perpetrators of the killings and attacks in Lebanon.

Because of money corruption, racial and religious awakening, and arming HEZBOLLAH, the Syrian regime will dominate the elections in the south, the BEKAA Valley and the southern Beirut.

It is clear why the Syrian regime wants to use General AOUN. It wants to divide the Christians to weaken the independence Lebanese groups within Christian areas.

General AOUN's approach seems too naive and blinded within his dream of racing to power.


II-The LSTDO position:

The military and political situation in Lebanon now has nothing to do with the situation in 1976 where the father of Bashar ASSAD had forced the hand of the Lebanese to accept the entry of the Syrian army in Lebanon. Hafez ASSAD since 1969 had indoctrinated and armed Palestinians and Islamists to encircle Christians of Lebanon. Then, he has divided Christians by promising protection to grandfather of the current former Minister Sleiman FRANGIEH and what remained in Christian areas. Hafez ASSAD had made Lebanese to believe he had the signature of former President Sleiman FRANGIEH in 1976 for the entry of the Syrian army in Lebanon.

The United States of America are acting as international policeman for democracy and freedom of world peoples. We are no longer in the 20th century. Dictatorships are doomed to extinction. Barak OBAMA will have no reason to abandon the protection of fledgling democracies in the Middle East. The members of the UN Security will not let totalitarian Syria regime to return to Lebanon.

In a few months, charges from the International Tribunal for the assassination of Rafik HARIRI will be known. We wonder how General AOUN will he behave? He stands today as an ally of murderers and terrorists.

Why in 1990, General AOUN knowing that the Lebanese army was weak in the face to the Syrian army had declared an open war against the Syrian regime without international protection?

Why now this general becomes the friend of Bashar ASSAD without having resolved any conflict between the Lebanese and Syrian States when he built his popularity on the defense of these conflicts?

General AOUN has betrayed his electorate. He is unworthy to represent the Christian Democratic culture in Lebanon. All those who believed in him among us are disgusted by his behavior.

We call on all Lebanese Democrats to campaign against all candidates allied with General Michel AOUN in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.



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LSTDO/ 7-12-2008. We will vote against General Michel AOUN and his staff.