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Lebanese current events of 4 April, 2008.
Reflexions on the political and economic Lebanese  news.

Call for Lebanese army Generals

To act democratically and without waiting


Misters, Lebanese army and internal security Generals,

Subject: Claim to rapid implementation of the Constitution by using all forces of the Lebanese State to run the state institutions and, at first instance, the parliament and the presidency of the republic.

General Michel SOLEIMAN,

Generals of the defence forces of the Democratic and Republican Lebanese State,

I - Facts.
II-The urgent claims.


I - the facts.

Saying, should we leave Lebanese political mafias to destroy the country, and strangle the Lebanese people, or we have State Institutions, a Constitution, and Republican Laws to be applied quickly, using the protection forces of the Lebanese State?

Since 2005, parliament, government, the presidency of the republic, the Constitutional Council, the Judiciary, by their blockages, prevent economic and social developments, leading the country to ruin and insecurity.

Political figures and Lebanese political parties have shown their incapacity to respect democratic rule and they have violated the Constitution.

In a normal democratic State, a Constitutional Council or Senior Judges could take urgent decisions to uphold the Constitution and require the army and internal security forces to implement the decisions quickly. Anyone who blocks the implementation of the Constitution and laws must be put out of business, prosecuted, tried and punished in accordance with the laws, including any militia leader or political leader.

At the excuse that the defence forces of the Lebanese State should remain neutral in the conflicts and the contradictions of Lebanese politicians, they have left the situation rot without radical action to restore the functioning of the State.

The people of Lebanon are represented in parliament by 128 deputies who are prevented from discussing the Country problems in parliament sessions and are forbidden to make reforms, to control the government or to elect a president. Some heads of the Lebanese political mafias want to haggle their credentials before accepting any functioning of the State. They contend that the obstacles come from the conflicts between Arab countries or Arab with Western countries, while their links with foreign countries are used to preserve their own powers at the expense of the Lebanese State.


II-The urgent claims.

The Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO) claims that the Lebanese Army and Security Forces Generals act immediately to enforce the Constitution and restore a functioning democratic State.

We believe that the Army is the last resort which mustn't stay neutral between the builders of the democratic state and heads of political mafias.

It is not a reversal of power like the dictators do. We want to move Lebanese Army and Senior Judges to enforce the Constitution and the Democracy Laws.

We need to bring together the members of the Constitutional Council, and the Judges of the Supreme Council of Magistracy to form a Magistrates’ College, which is to decide on measures to ensure the functioning of parliament, to elect a president of the republic and form a new government. The army will be the tool for the implementation of these measures.

We know that democratic law enforcement in Lebanon has never been properly because of the disrespect of the democratic rule and the Lebanese Constitution by heads of political mafias supported by armed militias. It is time to put an end to this unjust and destructive situation.

We demand that the army act positively rather than idly awaiting the blast of the country. The army must enforce democratic laws against mafias’ leaders rather than let them to share the power of the State.

This claim is diffused as much as possible with the limited means of our Association, in the hope that deputies would join the army quickly to elect a president of the republic if necessary with a simple majority under the Constitution. There are no heads of mafias who can renovate modern democratic principles.

For once, we ask the army Generals to be brave and to stop being afraid facing the heads of Lebanese political mafias. Democracy without Active Strong Army can’t protect the country.

Lebanon is for the peaceful people and families. It is not for ill persons with their archaic doctrines, and their lust for power and money.


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_ LSTDO/ 4-4-2008: Call to Army Generals to act for democracy_