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Lebanese current events of 30 July, 2008.
Reflexions on the political and economic Lebanese  news.



The disappointment of Lebanon people on July 14, 2008 Meetings in Paris

Assad and Soleiman with Sarkozy


I-The Facts:

The French president Nicolas SARKOZY has received in Paris the Syrian dictator Bashar ASSAD and he arranged a meeting with him and the Lebanese president Michel SULEIMAN, at the French national holiday of July 14, 2008.

The Syrian dictator whose regime took hostage the Lebanese society since 1969 and uses State terrorism to prevent the Lebanese to live in peace and freedom has been received to attend the ceremony parade of 14 July 2008, at Concorde Place.

On the assets of the Syrian regime since 1969, there were:
-- The destabilization of peace by dividing the Lebanese,
-- Support for arming the pro-Syrian Lebanese militia and Palestinian factions to destroy the authority of the Lebanese State since 1969,
-- Feeding the civil war in Lebanon until obtaining a carte blanche from Democrats Western countries for the entry of the Syrian army in Lebanon since 1976,
-- The creation of conditions of the looting of Lebanon by the Syrian secret services for thirty years,
-- The massacre of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese maintaining the political and religious divisions and providing arms to pro-Syrian militiamen in order to arrive at annexing Lebanon by Syria,
-- The emigration of most young Lebanese by blocking opportunities for decent work in Lebanon,
-- The impoverishment and enslavement of Lebanese who remained in the country to be deprived of any possibility of defending the independence of Lebanon,
-- The use of terrorism to assassinate Lebanese personalities who defend democracy and independence of Lebanon,
-- The creation of a climate of fear in the Lebanese society to prevent any opposition to the Syrian regime on the territory of Lebanon, using threats, terrorist attacks, kidnappings and killings to silence any opposition to the hegemony of Syria, onto Lebanon,
-- Indoctrination and military training of armed pro-Syrian Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian terrorist networks on Lebanese soil before the forced withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon in 2005, following the will of U.S. President George W. BUSCH and following the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik HARIRI, on February 14, 2005.

The Syrian terrorism in Lebanon had continued after the 2005-year through the armed pro-Syrian groups hidden in Lebanon in geographic zones, which are prohibited at the Lebanese army.

Pro Syrian Secret Networks monitor all key positions of the Lebanese State and eliminate physically by criminal attacks any person who is an obstacle to the authority of pro-Syrian groups in Lebanon. Killings and political attacks exceed 25 since 2005.

Thus, these groups have succeeded in delaying the election of a president of the republic in Lebanon from November 2007 until 25.5.2008. They have imposed their conditions on the agreement of the DOHA on 21.5.2008. They elect General Michel SULEIMAN President of the Republic of Lebanon in a position of manager of the crisis without basic democratic politics.

The Democratic political majority group in parliament, bearing the name of the group on March 14, has lost its battle for independence, peace and democracy in Lebanon, because of pressures of armed pro-Syrian terrorist groups in Lebanon who are minority in Parliament.

The dream of independence of Lebanon is being evaporate since the group of 14 March lacks the means to prevent the Syrian regime interference in Lebanese affairs.

In those circumstances, the French president, Nicolas SARKOZI, believes good to be the intermediary between the Syrian <wolf> and the Lebanese <goat>!

II-The LSTDO position :

The LSTDO is aware of the weakness of Western democracies who are reluctant for a long time before using military means to enforce human rights and autonomy of small peoples of the Third World in front of aggressive dictators.

Nevertheless, Democrats Western countries are the only countries that could foster support for the independence and democracy in Lebanon.

The LSTDO supports any alliance of democratic Lebanese groups with democrat’s Western countries. The people of Lebanon cannot afford to protect themselves alone. The Western Democrat morality is a chance at the beginning of the twenty-first century to help small people can achieve their freedom and independence. The alliances of solidarity between Democrat peoples respectful of human rights are fair and totally different from alliances between dictators or totalitarian regimes indoctrinated by blind religious old books.

But LSTDO was surprised by the mediatic attitude of the French president Nicolas SARKOZY, who receives the Syrian dictator Bashar ASAD on the day of the French national holiday of July 14, a symbol of French democracy! The President SARKOZY certainly believes his method to soften the hegemony of the Syrian regime against Lebanon and possibly preserve French economic relations with Syria. The LSTDO does not believe in a favourable outcome of the attempts of the French President with the Damascus <fox>. The French method to suffer, wait and negotiate the minimum will not work with dictators responsible for killings and criminal attacks in the Middle East.

Negotiations are essential even with our enemies. But there are diplomatic means to claim and negotiate. Thus we condemn the meeting between Lebanese President Michel SULEIMAN with Bashar ASSAD in Paris on July 14, 2008 and then moving Michel SULEIMAN to Damascus in August 2008 without any serious commitment of the Syrian president to solve Syrian- Lebanese problems.

Finally, remember that our thanks go to UN troops in southern Lebanon, which partially protect the legality of the Lebanese State and who are there thanks to the support of Democrats Western countries including France. Our disagreement over the method of President SARKOZY doesn’t make us forget what France is to support the independence and democracy in Lebanon. Even Europe and United States of America will not be sufficient to establish democracies in countries where there are  permanent subversions like Lebanon.

Thus, the key to the future of a democratic independent country in Lebanon, land of Phoenicia, depends mainly on the cultural evolution of young and democrat Lebanese who should come together despite their differences in order to strengthen the core of the country's defence.


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