Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO)

Lebanese current events of 30 April, 2008.
Reflexions on the political and economic Lebanese  news.

The Mafiosi political Heads in Lebanon continue the barter,
robbing the democracy from the Lebanese weakened people.

I- The facts:

April 2008 ends and the Lebanese State remains paralysed by the absence of election of a president of the republic, the lack of efficient functioning of government, the blocking of any useful parliamentary action, the total inertia of the judiciary and defence forces of the State which ought to have acted to impose an immediate and permanent application of the Constitution.

The weakened people of Lebanon wondered whether to continue to "pray", to "wait", and continue to send young people abroad to work and send food for those who can not leave the Lebanese ghetto. The untouchables among the clergy "delegated by the gods", and the political and economic mafia’s heads remain quiet in their castles to submit their statements to the media.

The weakened people of Lebanon wondered whether rather not believe in gods miracles and start a real democratic revolution. In 2008, the Lebanese have not yet understood that democracy had begun in 1789 in France by a popular revolt.

The weakened people of Lebanon wondered if it was not very wrong to have continued to vote for several decades for re-election to parliament and the powers of the State the same heads of clans or their heirs, thanking them for having distributed a few dollars on the eve of elections as a charity on the backs of the taxpayer and the State budget. It remains
unfortunately in the memory of poor people only the “generosity” of those leaders who have looted the Lebanese State.

The Democrats of Lebanon wondered to what extended point should they remain docile in front of these heads of political mafias who present daily their reciprocal blackmails through their media and destroy economic and social activities of Lebanese people.

The Democrats of Lebanon wondered why the Lebanese laws and the Constitution are not strictly applied, since everything is provided in order to see a continuous functioning of the State.

The Democrats of Lebanon wondered why, given the inertia of those responsible for the functioning of the state, the judiciary and the Lebanese army do not enforce the Constitution and to remove away from the powers of the State any faulty person for not having done the duty of his office.

The cheating scandal of the Lebanese political mafia’s heads is now known worldwide. The charade, carried out Tuesday, April 22, 2008 for an aborted parliamentary session, does not innocence the head of parliament nor his entourage army which threatens democracy. The Constitution does not require the presence of two thirds of deputies in the room to elect a president. A president of the republic should be elected immediately at the second round by a simple majority, if necessary. The selection is automatically provided by the Constitution.

Since when one wants to admit to Democrats that, before an election, we need dialogue with heads of mafias for content before making a democratic election.

A second scandal is put in evidence. It is the passivity of the judiciary and the Lebanese army who persist in believing that they remain neutral in front of an imposed war between the democratic people who want to defend the Democratic and Republican State on one side, and the political mafia’s heads who cripple the State for their private interests on the other side.

At the end of April 2008 we also note that the Syrian regime which wants to annex Lebanon refuses internationalization of the Lebanese conflict. It prefers no doubt that his Lebanese armed mercenaries took the Power in Beirut.

The first elements, of the investigation into the killing of two Kataeb militants, in ZAHLE, show an act of organized terrorism with links to HEZBOLLAH which has protected the murderers. It is part of intimidation of Christian activists who support the independence of Lebanon. The Syrian terrorist tactic is known since 1969. The Syrian regime make to believe the divisions between people in the same Lebanese community to weaken it, then it make to believe that Syria should be called for help to stabilize the conflict.
Syria has passed his cheating with the international community in 1976 to enter his army into Lebanon.

The 19th go to parliament for the election of a president is scheduled May 13, 2008. The requirements declared by various political groups’ leaders are changing gradually. But the substance of the conflict persists. We are not running a functional democracy. We see blackmails for the sharing of State powers between the political and economy mafias’ heads. If these politicians were truly democratic and not corrupted, they would go to parliament to do their work in strict compliance with the Constitution. They simply have to respect any decisions of the parliamentary majority.


II - Position of LSTDO:

Remember, first, that LSTDO act only in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of Lebanon and human rights of the United Nations Charter, to develop democracy in Lebanon and just for improve the standard of living of all Lebanese.

Remember, second, that LSTDO does not accuse named person of violations of the law but raises questions on suspicion of serious breaches of the law which should be evaluated by the judiciary to act with the help the Lebanese army to make functional all the State institutions, democratically. If we are talking about suspected mafia attitudes, that is to say that any requirement from a politician outside the normal functioning of the Constitution and laws, in a climate of threats of civil war and the presence of armed militias, is likely corresponding to a mafia act. Our media action is to awaken the conscience of the democratic Lebanese people, to avoid abuses by such attitudes. The judiciary with the help of the army should act for a long time to do its job. Failures at this level should push the future leaders of the country to make reforms. Otherwise, it will be necessary to ask the Security Council of the United Nations to use its duty to interfere in Lebanon.

We note that democracy in Lebanon was stolen. Indeed, the rules for electing a president of the republic have not been implemented. The procedure for meeting of deputies in the parliament for debate and vote for a president has ever been made. The pretext of meetings cancellations or postponements of the meetings for the presidential election, because of the absence of a quorum of two thirds of deputies present in the room, does not exist in the constitutional procedure of electing the Republic president. The invitations for dialogue between heads of clans outside the parliament are tantamount to a mafia act.

The explanations mediated by Mr Nabih BERRI and his staff are unacceptable. The Constitution did not forecast promises of
ajournable meetings. It scheduled a meeting immediately and permanently until the election of a president. It did not forecast dialogue between Lebanese political leaders to haggle their shares in the State power, then between heads of neighbour States and the Arab League or between world superpowers, all before meeting the parliamentary Members for this election. Dialogue must take place freely in the parliament among all members. The election should take place there is consensus or not and if necessary by a simple majority vote.

The goodwill of Mr Nabih BERRI has not been proved with its promise to open parliament for parliamentary committees’ meetings. The presidential election and the functioning of all institutions of the democratic State are a vital urgency, so the weakened people among the Lebanese impoverished by the behaviour of politicians, can survive.


Since the majority in parliament and government does not dare to implement the Constitution and to proceed with the immediate election of a president of the republic, because of threats of civil war regularly levelled by the pro-Syrian armed opposition and led by Hezbollah, according to media reports, it is the duty of the Lebanese Democrats to appeal to the Security Council of the United Nations to protect the State and democracy in Lebanon. We add that the Lebanese army and the Lebanese judiciary have not performed their duty to uphold the Constitution and impose immediate election of a president of the republic. The duty of interference by the United Nations should be applied in Lebanon as in any weak country threatened by its neighbours. All Security Council resolutions must to be implemented and the rapid election of a president of the republic.

The assassination of Christian militants, in ZAHLE, is part of the succession of assassinations and attacks planned by the Syrian regime and its mercenaries in Lebanon. Not only we must punish the perpetrators of crimes, but we must also prevent sponsors of these crimes to continue their terrorism. Terrorist acts are repeated in order to divide the Lebanese between communities and even within each community. This reminds us of the turmoil that began in 1969 and culminated at the entrance to the Syrian army in Lebanon. Democracy must be armed and strong to preserve the law. That is why we ask the Government to introduce a state of emergency, strengthen the army in military equipment and efficient soldiers to face the dangers and prevent them before sinking into chaos.

The current conflict in Lebanon is no more religious despite manipulation by sectarian terrorists. It is between, on one side, the Lebanese democrats who want a State of rights, peaceful, modern and neutral, and, on the other side, the Lebanese non-democrats, sectarian, extremist and racist against the West, Christians of the Middle East and Jews. The Cedar Revolution in Lebanon is part of Revolutions for Democracy of the moderate Middle East peoples. We must make the difference between the enemies of Democrat Lebanon who are dictators in the Middle East, and the Friends of Democrat Lebanon who are the Democrat Western countries. The former must be prevented from harm. The latter have the duty to interfere in obscure Lebanese affairs to help restore democracy. The LSTDO must defend the indispensable alliance of Lebanon with Democrat countries while claiming neutrality of Lebanon vis-à-vis the extremism conflicts in the Middle East. The Lebanon can not continue to be used as a pawn in the conflicts of the extremists in the region.


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