Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO)

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Reflexions on the political and socio economic Lebanese  news.
Lebanese current events.

What is Democracy for Lebanon ? LSTDO points of view.

Democracy. 19 February, 2010. The election by the proportional rule is not democracy. It gives Mafiosi leaders the power to share authority and money of the Lebanese State.

Democracy. 13 December, 2009. False Lebanese democracy gave birth to a military dictatorship of several clan leaders.

Democracy. 2 October 2009. Why the military should belong only to democratic government ?

Democracy 10-7-2009. Where are they from Democratic Culture, and why they are delaying the formation of the government ?

Democracy.4-7-2009.The strong and transparent democracy in Lebanon remains an illusion.

Democracy. HIZBULLAH. 26-12-2008. incompatible with Lebanon Democracy.

Democracy.30 SEP.2008: Reconciliations Masquerade.

Democracy: 30-4-2008.Lebanese Mafias stole democracy.

Democratic: 5-3-2008.Call for Neutral Democratic Lebanon.

Democracy:27-12-2007.Political Mafias are blocking democracy.



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Association pour la Démocratie Forte Transparente au Liban (ADFTL)

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 التجمع الديمقراطي القوي الشفاف في لبنان

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Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO)