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Saturday 4 July 2009.

The strong and transparent democracy in Lebanon remains an illusion.



On 7 June 2009, the Lebanese have voted. The Group of 14 March is still a majority. It has 71 MPs against 59.

The election campaign of the Group of 14 March was based on the desire to build a modern democratic and independent State, by applying the UN resolutions on Lebanon, particularly the 1559 and 1701, in pacifying the country and disarming all armed militias into Lebanon soil.

Immediately after the elections, we witnessed the betrayal of the promises by leaders of 14 March Group, due to their fear from weapons of pro Syrian armed terrorists in Lebanon.

Walid Jumblatt new attitudes are like the days after the assassination of his father by the Syrian regime during the civil war.

On 16 March 1977, Kamal Jumblatt was assassinated a hundred meters near a Syrian checkpoint. Suspicions have focused on the Syrian Nationalist Social Party and the Baath militias that are under the orders of the Syrian regime. His son Walid Jumblatt then took his place. At that time he continued to defend the occupation of Lebanon by Syria.

In 2005, Walid Jumblatt has accused the Syrian secret services of murdering his father after thirty years of absolute submission to this totalitarian regime.

Since 8 June 2009, he began to speak like a spokesman of the Syrian regime in Lebanon. The secret arrangements are not visible, but one most surprising of his statements, he canceled the military protection of its house in Baakline, with stating in the medias. We believe he has no more fear from armed Hezbollah and other Syrian militias since he had arranged some interests with them.

Saad Hariri and Walid Jumblatt have led to the division of the 14 March Group, since they supported the election of Nabih Berry for the presidency of parliament for the fifth time on 25 June 2009, while he is well known as a political leader of Syrian policy in Lebanon. He is the political leader backed by the Shiite Hezbollah. He had to stay in the parliamentary opposition. But the fear from the pro Syrian weapons did bend the will of these two leaders of the majority who have betrayed their electorate.

Saad Hariri was asked to form a government since June 28, 2009.

Nabih Berry and pro Syrian opposition want to continue to prevail in a government they claim to be as national unity. They continue to impose their choice through blackmail. From June 28, 2009, attacks and skirmishes took place in west Beirut, which were caused by Nabih Berry militia.

Statements from several Christian leaders come forward with evidence of the division of the 14 March Group. The parliamentary majority is in danger not being able to govern. We approach the risk of dividing the country throughout a civil war.

Arsons appear predominantly in Christian and Sunni territories.

We note that most pro Syrian Lebanese politicians were shuttle to Damascus to receive orders from the Syrian regime. The opposition threatened publicly to demand a government of national understanding what means simply domination of the pro Syrian politicians into Lebanese government. Saad Hariri is no longer pressed to form a government. Negotiations are multiplying with the Syrian regime, from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, and representatives of the European Community.

In total, we are subject to blackmails and international interests in a country where we can not apply Constitution or democracy.


II-The position of the LSTDO:

We knew that the leaders of the 14 March Group put their personal interests before public interest, despite their apparent moralities.

We knew that since 2005, the parliamentary majority was with this Group. They had yielded to blackmails from the opposition clans and made no meaningful reform.

In the elections of 7 June 2009, we had no choice. He had voted against those who acted against the constitution of a democratic Lebanese State. The program of the 14 March Group seemed positive if it could be applied.

Today we are disillusioned. There are feudal chiefs who want to share the power of the State. Most have already forgotten their election promises in a few days. Where is the Strong, Transparent and Democratic Lebanese State? Most political leaders will monetize their openness to such or such other foreign countries.

We are against both the opposition and the majority. We have no democracy in Lebanon. Once again, Lebanon has missed an opportunity for the establishment of a real democracy.



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The strong and transparent democracy in Lebanon remains an illusion.