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Sunday, December 13, 2009.


False Lebanese democracy gave birth to a military dictatorship of several clan leaders.




I - Facts:




Mr. Saad HARIRI, a Sunni, became prime minister, went to Saudi Arabia since the formation of the government and obtaining confidence in parliament. He will report to his Sunni supporters in the SAUDI Kingdom.




Mr. Nabih BERRI, the Shiite speaker of parliament, hurries to Damascus at the end of his work, which he has guided the formation of the government and he gave it confidence in parliament. He will report to its supports of the Shiite Alawite Syrian regime.




Mr. Michel AOUN, who is dissented from the Maronite community, became pro-Syrian, went to Damascus to report to Bashar ASSAD and affirm his allegiance after his efforts to weaken the democratic forces of the 14 March Majority Group in the new government.




Mr. Walid JUMBLATT, Druze, who broke the backbone of the 14 March Group immediately after the parliamentary elections of June 2009, continues to flirt with the Syrian regime to maintain its feudalism on the Druze community and his own new adoption by the Syrian regime. He expects to be received in Damascus to apologize.




Mr. Talal ARSLANE, a pro-Syrian Druze feudal, reminds us to remain in solidarity with the Arab pro-Syrian nationalist populism. It is pleasing to his masters in Damascus.




After five months of pressure and blackmail on representatives of the 14 March Group, it remains on the political scene some who speak but they have been excluded from power. Those who entered the government play the dual language. They stated their reservations about continuing weapons of pro-Syrian militias and at the same time they obey the effects of these weapons by accepting the fait accompli of the subordinate position of the new government to the heads of pro-Syrian political armed mafias.




What's left of the outcome of parliamentary elections on June 7, 2009 when the voters of the Lebanese people have expressed in their majority their desire for an independent and democratic government that would meet the needs of the people of Lebanon and disarm all militias ?




The Lebanese media are proud to announce that the new government has won the confidence of parliament almost unanimously. In fact, Mr. Saad HARIRI had said that it is a united government on feasible issues, separating them from the disagreements. Thus pro-Syrian armed militias in Lebanon are free to act and dictate their will open the authority of the Lebanese State.




But we know that negotiations to form the new government took place between some political leaders who threaten with their weapons on the one hand, and political others leaders who are disarmed on the other hand.




The commemoration of occasional assassinations of Lebanese political figures such as Gebrane TUEINI and Francois ELHAJJ would not affect the morals of Lebanese people. The murderers will not be identified. Even the killers of Rafik HARIRI will remain quiet in their palaces.




II – LSTDO Position:




False Lebanese democracy gave birth to a dictatorship of Lebanese political armed leaders coalition, associated with foreign allegiances. The couple from Saudi Arabia and Syria took power in Lebanon through the formation of this new clans’ government. Saudi Arabia supports Saad HARIRI who is disarmed. Syria supports Mr. Hasan NASRALLAH of Hezbollah party and Mr. Nabih BERRY's AMAL party who are heavily armed. As for Mr. Michel AOUN, he is used by Syria to undermine the Christian Independent’s Camp. Its popularity among Christians of Lebanon can only disappear.





We would expect a move towards true strong transparent democracy in a modern and independent State. We are disappointed. We will suffer a government that will not bring security to persons and properties in Lebanon. Insecurity continues. Areas of no law will sustain injustice and corruption throughout the country.




The threat of Lebanon division continues. The threat of annexation of part of Lebanon by Syria is obvious. The threat of armed conflict on Lebanese soil between the interests of Syrian, Palestinians and Israelis may remove any beneficial effect of any government policies in the socio economic domains.




Our Organization's mission is to help cultivate the Lebanese to understand that the future must stand out of history legacy, for an independent democratic Lebanon, neutral, and respectful of human rights, whether you are Lebanese, Syrian, Jewish or Palestinian in our geographical area of the Middle East stupidly torn by religious archaic sects. This fight will require decades to complete because of the sect religious indoctrinations. The racial, religious and sectarian rampant indoctrination is like a incurable cancer in the brains of people in the Middle East. At least, we hoped a place of expression freedom in Lebanon to begin remedying this great evil. How can do a secular society, while most Lebanese still believe that everything depends on the wishes of their gods ?


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False Lebanese democracy gave birth to a military dictatorship of several clan leaders.