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Friday, October 2, 2009.

Why the military should belong only to democratic government?

I - Facts:

On June 7, 2009, parliamentary elections have confirmed majority in favor of the political agenda of the 14 March forces.

The 14 March Forces are essentially made by groups and political parties who claim the authority of the Democratic State, which must stay independent, and based on the application of the Constitution and Lebanon laws.

Mr. Saad HARIRI has tried to form a government without success until now. He doesn’t dare to form a government only supported by Democratic members of the majority since only one reason, that is the threat of pro-Syrian Opposition to use military means to prevent him from governing.

This demonstrates that the political leaders of the Opposition behave like Mafia chiefs who want to impose their desires and interests in State policy despite their defeat in elections.

Mr. Michel SLEIMAN, President of the Republic, is also proofing submission to blackmail of armed political mafias, since he does not support the formation of a government if it does not comply the desires of those heads of mafias, and he does not act to implement the resolutions numbers 1559 and 1701 of the UN.

The media disinformation is made by Lebanese Medias belonging to those heads of pro Syrian mafias. It is believed that the opposition should participate in government to preserve the country's confessional balance. This is false. The political program, of the 14 March Forces majority, is supported by people of all faiths in Lebanon. The majority can form a government taking into account the religious balance in taking political figures of all denominations, provided they support his program.

We cannot say that the Shiite community of Lebanon would be excluded from participation in government if it does not contain representatives from Amal and Hezbollah Shiite parties. Indeed, the stranglehold on this community by these two parties is undemocratic. There was in this community religious indoctrination and forced sectarian fusion between religion and politics concerning the future of Lebanon. Moreover arming Hezbollah by Syria and Iran and its pressures on the population deprived many Shiites to express freely their own destiny. Thus, we can say that this community is deprived of liberty, by Hezbollah and Amal armed mafias. Both parties do not represent the democratic hopes of the Shiites of Lebanon,
whatever the number of their deputies in parliament.

Thus, the future democratic government of Lebanon should include Shiite Democrat personalities who oppose against Hezbollah and Amal ideology.

In total, in early October 2009, we can say that the failure of Saad HARIRI, who cannot form a democratic government from the parliamentary majority, is related to the democracy confiscation by armed opposition mafias.


II – LSTDO position :

Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization is convinced that there will be no democracy in Lebanon as there are armed militias on Lebanese soil outside the authority of a democratic government.

A strong democracy means that the military should belong exclusively to the authority of the democratic State, so it can apply the laws and the Constitution. We must prevent any military group to undermine the institutions of a democratic State.

In the present situation of bad and anti democratic behavior of Mr. Michel SLEIMAN, Mr. Saad HARIRI and those who support their submission to pro Syrian terrorists, we call all our activists and supporters to oppose the current political submission to these armed pro-Syrian mafias. We call for a strong democratic State where the army has the obligation to disarm all militias on Lebanese soil. We demand a government formed by the parliamentary majority with balance of religious affiliations.
The Shiite ministers must belong to the current majority.


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Why the military should belong only to democratic government?