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Friday 10 July 2009.

Where are they from Democratic Culture, and why they are delaying the formation of the government ?


On 7 June 2009, the Lebanese elected their deputies in parliament, and it became apparent that there is a clear parliamentary majority and a minority. There is, in the majority, personalities from all faiths and religions so that the new prime minister can quickly form a government taking account of the denominational balance, and having the platform of the majority reforms’ policy respecting the will of the people. Indeed, the Lebanese Republic is a parliamentary democracy where, normally, the majority must govern, out of any terrorists’ pressure. The opposition remains outside the government. In modern democratic countries, the government can be created in a few days. In Lebanon, the contempt of the citizen is total. Armed clans, who lost the election, use blackmail by terrorism threatening in order to dominate the future government and the State authority.

Time passes and Lebanese politicians invent unnecessary complications that extend dialogues endlessly. They do not respect the Constitution and laws of democracy.

Remember that Lebanon citizens used to suffer the corrupted officials when they ask for an administrative act. Since the Ottomans’ time, all Middle East suffered the corruption from authorities’ officials. When you request an administrative act, you will see that the official is looking for excuses to delay the resolution of your claim, until you give a tip. The Lebanese government is not serving the citizen; corrupt officials steal the State and citizens.

At the level of political clans, most Lebanese are convinced that the heads of clans fight each other using various pressures and without respect of the Constitution for one reason: each want his part in the cake of State power. They are corrupt. The non-transparent system allows them to steal the state and the citizen.

Why this delay in the formation of the government, unless there is behind these negotiations private interests which are without any connection with their honorable election programs.

Bargaining for the sharing of ministerial positions in government is not limited to the wealthy Lebanese feudal politicians. They also attend the parade of diplomats and representatives of neighboring countries regimes to improve their strategic positions to preserve their own hegemonic feudal dynasty.

The Lebanese situation has its causes. The citizen is bought by money or charity to vote for the rich feudal. Then there will be no possibility of judicial or constitutional control by the people of these members for four years. There is no parliament member capable adequately to represent the citizens-workers of the poor and medium classes. Feudalism and the rich families prevent the arrival in parliament of a group of members capable of defending social justice and economic rights of poor and middle classes.

II - The Position of LSTDO:

Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization wants a Strong Lebanese Democrat State to impose Just Laws in Transparency to serve ordinary citizens and not to the benefit of political and financial mafias. However, this cannot be achieved if citizens continue to ignore their rights and remain on the sidelines of the ongoing struggle for democracy against the forces of slavery and modern financial monopolies.

In the parliament, most members are feudal, rich and mafia leaders. Therefore, it will be difficult to reform the electoral law in order to help middle and poor classes. Thus, we recommend that each of these classes’ members to cooperate with a democratic secular group through which to oppose feudalism and to form a political force capable to enter parliament with a majority able to do these reforms. This is the goal of our organization.

Our organization began without sufficient financial and logistical means. We expect modest aid from the Lebanese middle and poor classes. They have priority to live honorably in a peaceful democratic neutral free Lebanon and open to the modern democratic world. The Lebanese are convinced, since several generations that improvement of their standard living depends on the training of modern science that have been developed in Western Democrat countries. One of our goals is to convince them that transparent democracy is the best modern cultural solution to solve society's problems through peaceful and just actions away from the religious extremists, or sectarians or racists.


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Where are they from Democratic Culture, and why they are delaying the formation of the government ?