Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO)
Reflexions on the political and economic Lebanese  news.

Lebanese events 2007 :

* 27-12-2007.Political Mafias are blocking democracy.

*15-12-2007,General F. ELHAJJ assassination.

*11-12-2007, Michel SOLEIMAN election is illegal.

*9-12-2007,Michel AOUN was right.

*24-11-2007, SFEIR President ?

*9-11-2007,HARB ou AOUN 09-11-2007.

*31-10-2007, Democratic President Imposition,

*10-10-2007,President delivery rule.

*19-9-2007,Antoine GHANEM murder.

* 15-9-2007,State power partition.

*10-9-2007, LASTDO Presidential Position.

31-8-2007, Presidential Election.

*6 August 2007: deputy election in Northern Metn.

*31 July 2007, electoral conflicts.

*30 June 2007.Current Syrian Lebanese war started in 1969.

*27 June 2007: Solution of the Lebanese Political Crisis by two years Limited Period with a Provisional President, a Provisional Vice-president and a precise Program of Government.

*30 May 2007, U.N. Resolution 1757 (2007).

2 May 2007: why Lebanese soldiers were massacred ?

15 May 2007: the paralysis of the Lebanese State continues.

30 April 2007: to restore an effective government even temporarily and to maintain peace.

20 April 2007: to use Chapter 7/Article 42 of the Charter of the United Nations for murders in Lebanon since 2004.

10 April 2007: Racism in the French presidential election campaign of April 2007.

31 March 2007: to who belongs the authority of the Lebanese State?

**20 March
2007: a new electoral law according to the single candidature in each district of small size with votes in the majority in three turns.

**9 March 2007: the democratic rule, the opening of the Parliament.



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