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Sunday, December 21, 2014.  Check the Syrian border with Syria is usually a normal act between two countries. But the process leaves smile.


Sunday, December 21, 2014.  Check the Syrian border with Syria is usually a normal act between two countries. But the process leaves smile. Constraints will be created by corrupt officials who demand more tips to pass. The problem is much worse than a stroke of media publicity of a minister. Since decades the Syrian came to Lebanon to take poor Lebanese jobs and work and serve the Lebanese rich who give poverty wages unacceptable by Lebanese. It is the Lebanese political class that is responsible.

Contrôler les syriens à la frontière avec la Syrie est un acte normal habituellement entre deux pays. Mais la démarche laisse sourire. Des contraintes seront créées par les agents corrompus qui demanderont davantage de pourboires pour laissez-passer. Le problème est beaucoup plus grave qu’un coup de publicité médiatique d’un ministre. Depuis des dizaines d’années les syriens venaient au Liban pour prendre le travail des pauvres libanais et servir les riches libanais qui donnent des salaires de misère inacceptables par les libanais. C’est la classe politique libanaise qui en est responsable.

رقابة الحدود مع سوريا هو عمل طبيعي عادة بين البلدين. ولكن قرار الوزير يترك ابتسامة. سيتم إنشاء القيود من قبل المسئولين الفاسدين الذين يطالبون " بخشيش " لتمرير الناس. المشكلة هي أسوأ بكثير من اللمعة من الدعاية الإعلامية للوزراء. منذ عقود يأتي السوريين إلى لبنان لسلب فرص العمل من الفقراء اللبنانيين للعمل وخدمة اللبنانيين الأغنياء الذين يقدمون الأجور القليلة الغير مقبولة من قبل اللبنانيين. الطبقة السياسية اللبنانية هي المسئولة.





Lebanon to Restrict Syrian Entry Starting January

December 21, 2014

Minister of Interior Nouhad Machnouk asked the heads of security agencies to lay the groundwork for the measures agreed upon weeks ago in the first serious attempt to address a mounting crisis that has put immense pressure on Lebanon.

The minister's instructions were given Saturday during an expanded security meeting aimed at discussing measures to be taken during the holiday season.

According to the new policy set to come into force starting January 5, Syrians seeking to access Lebanon would be required to explain their reasons for entry by filling in a form at the border.

Syrians will also be asked to present proper identification papers at their entry.

These measures also apply to those who are not seeking to travel to Lebanon as refugees.




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