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February 20th, 2014. Lebanese news' Comments from 1st  until 20 February, 2014.


Friday, February 7, 2014. After three years of massacres of his own people, Bashar AL Assad agrees to a small three-day truce in Homs to evacuate sick or old civilians.

The old HOMS is under the terrorist regime military siege for two years. Most neighborhoods in Homs have been razed by bombing.

The regime, guilty of war crimes, has succeeded to dominate territory from Damascus to Homs, Hama and Lattakia, putting it in a strong position in the Geneva talks 2.

This adverse situation is the result of the betrayal of Western democratic countries that do not have properly armed the revolution. Accomplices of the regime are Iran, Hezbollah and Russia who supported the regime by all possible means.

Thus it is demonstrated severe failure of the UNO to face mafia dictators able to massacre the people to retain power.


News from Medias:


Syria crisis: Evacuation operation in Homs begins

A three-day pause in the fighting.

Emergency officials have evacuated 83 civilians from the city of Homs in Syria, according to the United Nations.

The UN-negotiated ceasefire between Syrian forces and rebels should also allow food and medical aid to reach Homs on Saturday.

Parts of Homs Old City have been under army siege since June 2012.

Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said: "The only precondition is that this aid and the help should not go to terrorists or armed groups."

Much of Homs lies in ruins after intense bombardment.





Sunday, February 16, 2014. A round-table government. The stop-gap of an insufficient feudal political class. Each apparatchik placed his pawns. We are against this government which will provide no solution. Those of March 14 have betrayed their constituents by simple acceptance to cooperate with terrorist mafias of Hezbollah and Amal.


Simple acceptance to participate in this government means that you assume the guarantee of Hezbollah war alongside Bashar AL Assad in Syria, and you let the Hezbollah armed militia dominate Lebanon through their terrorism and their crimes.

What a shame to leave us exposed to members of government who participated in the killings of dozens of Lebanese figures .

Mr. Boutros HARB is a survivor of an assassination attempt. Will he be able to cooperate with the accomplices of the attackers ?

And who can convince us that this government will take care of the people, while each minister is a big piece posted by mafia leaders in this country who use power as a trade shop ?

We are on another level : a non-partisan government to manage or a government of a coherent majority based on a program without the presence of criminals into state power.


News from Medias:


Members of Lebanon's new government February 15, 2014 04:20





Tuesday, February 18, 2014. Is there a government supported by a majority for a specific program of democratic reforms? NO.

Is there a government capable of preventing the Lebanese to make war in Syria while they support a war criminal leader of a tyrannical regime and carry weapons terrorizing unarmed citizens? NO.

Is there a government able to reassure the public about the safety of people property and the economic activity? NO.

Is there a government capable of enforcing rights to bring criminals before independent courts? NO.

Is there a government capable of preventing terrorist mafia to participate in the political and economic authority of the Lebanese state using threats and corruption? NO.

Is there a government capable of preventing the military and political interference in Lebanon of war criminal Bashar Al Assad? NO.

So what could serve this government? It serves to prolong the political crisis, the economic collapse, and the lack of security. He leaves Hezbollah and other traitors supporting bully Bashar al Assad, to terrorist Lebanese and Syrian people.

What will Tammam Salam do facing worsening Syrian exodus to Lebanon, while Hezbollah lets criminals go to war in Syria to support a tyrant dictator?

While we waited a little courage from President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Tammam Salam to form a technocrat government without the presence of criminals to deal with the gravity of the conduct of Hezbollah militia, we are witnessing a surrender from even March 14 personalities who come into coalition with Hezbollah, endorsing the grip of Hezbollah on the Lebanese state.

"The Hidden heads in the sand " is a policy that is no longer tolerable since the gravity of the crimes committed daily by Hezbollah.

The Lebanese army must take position : either with Bashar AL ASSAD or against him. It should forbid Lebanese militiamen to go to war in Syria. It must prevent any military attack of the army of Bashar on Lebanese soil. It must be on the side of laws to respect human rights and to facilitate the protection of the Syrian people, not the criminal Bachar group.

We expect the president who is army chief to act immediately because waiting in this situation until his presidential term is a very serious stopgap.

But unfortunately we see that its approach to include Hezbollah ministers into the recent government is a very bad error. He is unable to fulfill its responsibilities.


News from Medias:



The mistake that the various Lebanese parties made after the formation of the new government is that some of them saw it as a victory but they might be surprised, while others accepted it as a defeat and shocked their supporters. In reality, it is not a matter of victory or defeat. It is more like a ticking time bomb. It will either explode soon or its trigger will be defused, if the understandings reached between all the parties mature into a deal.

It is not logical that Nasrallah would hand over the reigns of the government in Lebanon to his adversaries without a price. In which case, let us look for the price somewhere else, such as Syria.

March 14 is now bound by an international decision to combat terrorism.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stayed with Aoun. This is important regionally and internationally. It is important to have a minister who speaks a language close to that of March 8 and Syria even if he is not on the same ideological and aggressive level as his predecessor Adnan Mansour.

Victory in Syria is the goal. The Lebanese government at this point is a mere detail.

The meeting between Aoun and Hariri happened about two months ago and was followed by another meeting between Hariri and FPM Minister Gibran Bassil a few days ago. Hezbollah was well-informed of the details of these meetings. The understanding between the FPM and Hezbollah therefore continues and the party reciprocated Aoun’s loyalty.

The Future Movement accepting to join a government with Hezbollah is important for Iran and the party.




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