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January 31th, 2014. Lebanese news Comments from 1st  until 31 January, 2014.


Monday, January 13, 2014. A coup government presented as a national unity government.

We waited since 2005 for the return of a true democracy in Lebanon.

The reality is sadly dark. There is not a single dictator in Lebanon, but a multitude of armed Mafiosi small dictators. The result is a permanent insecurity as the mafias did not reach agreements on the sharing of state power between them.

In this environment we feel that the majority of citizens without a democratic culture are manipulated by the media propaganda subservient to these little dictators making it difficult to understand the crisis.

Thus, it is not clear to who we could confide to switch this anti- democratic feudal system to a true democracy, where citizens vote for honest deputies, capable of forming a government of reforms supported by a majority without the interference of these little dictators, corrupted by money and weapons.


From the media :


March 14 undecided as cabinet talks continue

March 14 figures have said they are awaiting answers on points of contention they have with the 8-8-8 formula.

BEIRUT – Intensified efforts to form a cabinet continued Saturday as March 14 figures said that the alliance was still discussing the recently proposed 24-minister cabinet formula, while President Michel Suleiman held a meeting with Future bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora.

[March 14’s] acceptance to discuss that suggestion has been interpreted as acceptance of [the formula].

Suleiman’s meeting with Siniora came after the president said on Friday that he "received positive indications from Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri on an all-inclusive government based on the 8-8-8 [formula].”

Qabbani also hinted that his party was willing to join a cabinet with its arch-foe, Hezbollah, which the March 14 alliance implicitly accused of being behind the assassination of former minister Mohammad Chatah on December 27 in Downtown Beirut.

“While we have opposed [Hezbollah’s] military involvement in the Syrian war, we want to reach a solution [that will] relax the atmosphere among the Lebanese and remove existing concerns,” he said.

His comments came in opposition to the Lebanese Forces’ recent admonishing against joining a cabinet alongside Hezbollah, which Zahra reiterated on Saturday.

Lebanon’s president in the past has voiced his readiness to form a neutral, fait accompli cabinet, which Hezbollah and its March 8 allies vociferously oppose.



Wednesday, January 15, 2014. Today, two days before the trial at the International Tribunal for Lebanon, the humanoid Rashad SALAMEH did a press conference to put doubt on the sincerity of this tribunal!

Aujourd'hui, deux jours avant l'ouverture du procès au Tribunal international pour le Liban, l'humanoïde Rashad SALAMEH a fait une conférence de presse pour mettre le doute sur la sincérité de ce tribunal !

اليوم، قبل يومين من المحاكمة في المحكمة الدولية من أجل لبنان، نظّم الروبوت رشاد سلامة مؤتمرا صحفيا لوضع الشك على صدق هذه المحكمة إ


From the media :



 Rashad Salameh Agrees to Prosecute Hariri, MP Saqr, Meqdad in Syria's Case against them

by Naharnet Newsdesk 13 December 2012

 Lebanese lawyer Rashad Salameh agreed on Thursday to being appointed on Syria's behalf to prosecute former Premier Saad Hariri, Mustaqbal MP Oqab Saqr, and Syrian opposition member Louay al-Meqdad, reported the Central News Agency.

 Widely-informed sources told the news agency that Salameh accepted the appointment on behalf of the Syrian state in its case against all those who armed the Syrian revolution.



Tuesday, January 21, 2014. Compatriots, you are wrong to speak religions. Religious racism is used by mafia leaders, opportunistic arrogant politicos who want power and money. These leaders are willing to commit massacres to keep their powers. Against them we must demand transparent democracy, this is the real solution, where everyone, of all religions, find its rights and freedoms. The battle must be against racist rich feudal leaders of armed clans. We, the poor working people, we want peace, work and happiness, through democracy ... Democracy allows both peace and the abolition of all corrupt terrorist mafias.

We'll have to build a team of 128x2 = 256 people, at least, half women, half men, half Muslims and half Christians, to lead an electoral campaign to create a democratic and moderate majority, then we can change the Lebanese feudal system...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

To eliminate the existing feudal system, we will need to go through a neutral interim government with the establishment of a state of emergency and we shall promise to execute an urgent road plan.

This road map is the organization of rapid parliamentary elections; it will be followed by the presidential election and a new political system operating with a government sustained at least by 51% majority in parliament.

If the president does not take courage toward this orientation, Lebanese rotten feudal system will continue to plague and civil war becomes inevitable.


From the media :


 Salam Says Time Factor is a 'Threat,' Cabinet Formation is not a 'Whim'

Date: Tue, 2014-01-28

 Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam denied that he was threatening to form a fait accompli government, saying the time factor had been threatening him along with the political factions in the country.

“It's not me who is threatening,” Salam told al-Akhbar daily in remarks published on Tuesday.

“On the contrary, the time factor is threatening me and threatening all of us amid an unstable situation and bombings,” he said.

Salam expressed fears that things would go out of control and Lebanon would fall in a Sunni-Shiite strife as a result of the spillover of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon.

“These are the true deadlines that are threatening us,” Salam said to shrug off reports that he would resort along with President Michel Suleiman to issue a de facto government if the rival parties failed to agree on the all-embracing cabinet.

“It seems that the Free Patriotic Movement is not viewing these threats,” he said.

Mediation efforts have so far failed to convince FPM leader Michel Aoun to agree on a deal struck between the rest of the major factions on the rotation of portfolios among sects and the political parties in the unity government.

This gives Suleiman and Salam an other option to form the all-embracing cabinet without Aoun.

“The cabinet formation is not a fantasy or a whim,” Salam said. “On the contrary, it is a serious mission to find an authority that plays its role and practices its authorities.”

“I have been patient for months,” he told al-Akhbar about his appointment in April last year.

 Salam held onto the rotation of portfolios, saying there was no compromise on them.

Asked whether a neutral government would worsen the country's political crisis, he said: “Most probably and it could also not receive the parliament's vote of confidence.”

“But are we in a better situation?” he asked.

The premier-designate stressed that the Constitution backs the neutral cabinet even if a political party rejected it.

Source: NaharNet




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