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November 30th, 2013. Lebanese news Commentary from 1st  until 30 November, 2013.


November 1, 2013, public hearing on Special Tribunal for Lebanon:

Who is the sponsor of the assassination of Rafik Hariri ? Bashar ?

The President of the Chamber Trial of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL ), David Re , called Tuesday, October 29 on all parties to the cooperation of the trial in the case of the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri , whose date has been tentatively set for 13 January 2014.

A statement at the public hearing held by the Trial Chamber devoted to the preparation of the trial.

The prosecution, the defense counsel and the legal representative of the victims were present and spoke to the judges the state of preparation of their respective cases.

At this hearing, will be considered a list of witnesses and exhibits and dependents (the evidence against the accused) , the presentation by the prosecution of evidence at trial and the modalities of the participation of victims .

The prosecutor's office said on this subject that was in the second stage of checking the list of witnesses, which should significantly reduce their number. He said he wanted to present its case in three chapters, the first on what has happened in and around the site of the explosion of February 14, the second on the preparation for the attack, and the third will involve the presentation evidence implicating the suspects.

According to the prosecutor's office, many witnesses give their evidence in writing.

The defense said for his part that she was not ready for trial, particularly because of the amount of documentation provided by the prosecutor's office.

The legal representative of the victims said he will be ready for the start of the trial.


Saturday, November 09, 2013. 2 000, 000 Syrian refugees are into Lebanon. How can we help without money without States actions?

 Syrians and Lebanese are deeply in crisis:


 Ladies and Gentlemen….

I am Shako Ismail Mohammad citizen Kurd from Syria, and I am a member of the Association of Journalists of the Kurds in Syria, a media activist and an activist in the field of human rights, have been smuggled from Syria to Beirut after it has been my release from detention in the city Qamishli Syria, including that I was most active with political parties and movements, the Kurdish opposition and because of my writing political magazines and websites Kurdish, which I criticized the policies of anti-human Syrian to the system and the repressive practices carried out by the right of the Kurds have been arrested in 2262007 and long detention for a month and a half have been subjected to severe torture by heating with sticks and iron bars and electricity in sensitive parts of my body caused me permanent disability in and after my release by paying to officers, my hands and deformities in my face I directly fly to Beirut with my family consisting of my wife and my child, aged one year, and I hesitate now to the Nasim center to rehabilitate torture victims in Beirut and their phones 009611240061 .

Dear sir, we urge you as you represent the humanitarian to take our rescue and I am wanted by the Syrian regime, especially after the uprising of the blessed in my homeland, I touch upon the further harassment of high system Assad, because I am most active here with different shades of the Syrian opposition the revolution and after me gear in Beirut possibly to assassinate me as well as distortions and disability clearly viable in my body make me overdrawn and a very distinctive to those who are after me .

We are here for no shelter and no specific and we suffer the hardest thing to imagine the human fear and deprivation of all elements of the simple life and even I cannot buy for my son his milk and medicine ladies and gentlemen, I put my in your hands and all my hope that give me your attention and quick actions .

Shako ismil mohammad was born in Qamishli – Syria – 1971

My wife : Fatima Izz Al Deen Bayrakdar was born in Qamishli – Syria – 1979

My son : Sipan Shako Moammad was born in Qamishili – Syria – 2007

Thak you very much

Shako Mohammad – Beirut – Lebanon

mob: 0096176822706


Monday, November 18, 2013. The Lebanese state continues to shrink from its responsibilities as the war in Syria destroyed the lives of Syrians and Lebanese.

The Syrian exodus to ARSAL, east of the Bekaa, is just one step further bringing about a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. You can not refuse them for humanitarian reasons. They need to shelter and feed them. We need to organize urgent ways and adapted actions to rescue them.

But we must also seek responsibilities and responsibles, upstream, having caused these damages. The Lebanese state can not continue to pretend to be neutral between the killers and victims. The Lebanese state has no right letting Lebanese to go in Syria for militarily support of a terrorist regime, and making no action to prevent them from committing these crimes.


<<Thousands of Syrian refugees flocked to the Bekaa Valley town of Arsal over the weekend to escape an expected regime-led offensive in a key town in the adjacent Qalamoun mountains, as locals feared for the humanitarian conditions of the new arrivals. The Social Affairs Ministry said Sunday that over 500 Syrian families had crossed to Arsal, east Lebanon, in the past few hours, bringing the total number of Syrian families residing in Arsal to 1,700 .

Until an official center is ready to temporarily house the new refugees, the ministry said that 350 families had been taken to specific areas, with 100 in makeshift housing and the rest put up in homes.

The Social Affairs Ministry also said its teams had registered 924 Syrian refugees who flocked to the village of Shebaa in south Lebanon starting on Oct. 30 .

The statement said that up until now, refugees in Shebaa were staying in homes with host families.

"The municipality opened Al-Mukhtar wedding halls and the town's mosques to receive the refugees," Fliti said.

He added that around 150 families were staying at every mosque, but said that some refugees unable to find accommodations were staying outdoors

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2013/Nov-18/238152-looming-battle-drives-thousands-of-syrians-to-arsal.ashx#ixzz2kzD1kbBs

(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)




Tuesday, November 19, 2013. Terrorist bombs that kill innocent people in the streets do not serve anyone.


An explosive jumped into a block south of Beirut near the Iranian embassy in Lebanon , killing at least twenty people and injuring hundreds of innocent Lebanese .


Terrorism increases in Lebanon Syria and Iraq. It is made by regular armies of some dictators or by revolutionaries or extremists on all sides.


We return to the basics. The denial of modern democratic rules without blackmail and terrorism is really the source of all the misfortunes of the peoples of the Middle East. The leaders of dominant clans kill people just to keep the power. The unarmed citizens have tried to demonstrate in streets peacefully in Lebanon and Syria, but the feudal armed dictators have aborted all peaceful democratic claims. The religious racism is exploited to use youth as fuel for  these wars .


This is dramatic because the Democrat peaceful people do not have the means to impose peace and democracy, the superpowers do not want to take effective international intervention, and the rich armed dictators want to go through killings just to keep their powers .



 Friday, November 22, 2013. Serious rebels’ error : the act of naming "Islamic Front", with willingness to apply 'Islamic laws, Alcharyaa',  will divide the Syrian revolution and its people. Western nations, Syrian minorities and Syrian Democratic citizens will necessarily be against these Islamists.

Vendredi 22 novembre 2013. Erreur grave des rebels : le fait de se nommer « Front Islamique », avec volonté d’appliquer ‘ les lois islamiques, Alcharyaa’,  va diviser la révolution et le peuple syrien. Les occidentaux, les minorités et les citoyens démocrates syriens seront obligatoirement contre le soutien de ces islamistes.


الجمعة، 22 نوفمبر، 2013. ارتكب ثوار سوريا الإسلاميين خطأ خطير: فإن تسمية فصائل الثورة ب  " الجبهة الإسلامية " والمطالبة بتطبيق " الشريعة الإسلامية " سوف يقسم  الثوار والشعب السوري. الأكيد أن المواطنين الغربيين والديمقراطيين السوريين العلمانيين والأقليات سيضطرون إلى الابتعاد عن الثوار الإسلاميين.



Sept groupes rebelles syriens forment un "Front islamique"




Tuesday, November 26, 2013. Less important is who made the terrorist acts in Lebanon. More important is the responsibility of the leaders of the state who have done nothing against the armed out-of-law militias in Lebanon, and the leaders of these militias who went to act terrorism in Syria in addition of certain terrorist acts in Lebanon.

From medias :


Lebanon: Embassy Suicide Bombers Are Graduates of the Assir School


DNA tests reveal that the two suicide bombers behind the attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut resided in South Lebanon and were followers of Salafi cleric Ahmad al-Assir.



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