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May 31, 2013. APPEAL to the Dissolution of Parliament by popular protest.


Four years without anything made by MPs to change the election law, it makes a mockery to the people by extending their mandates!

Extension is  only to survive the grip of feudal leaders or mafia clans (to stay sober), onto the state and its money. We have nothing against the MP, M. X, who  is only a servant of one of these feudal families, he was appointed to serve, but certainly not for people.

Curiously almost UNANIMOUSLY, members vote when they come to their own interests! In that case, there is never a division! Or they do vote for someone with no vision except to arrange the private interests of all the clans, like in the presidential election of Michel Sleiman, or the appointment of Najib MIKATI and Tammam Salam as premiers in the shade!

The problem is not to push the law into 1960 rule. The truth is that parliament is paralyzed illegally. Why not to select by successive votes, one between all projects presented instead of successive blockings, made by each member according to his calculations. It is not normal that the president is not empowered to dissolve a non-functional parliament.

We do not have a real democracy. We have a system of 'compromise' politely called 'consensus' between leaders and mafia clans, under pretexts to represent faiths.

As a sports tournament, the laws can be chosen by several rounds votes until reaching sustained by a parliamentary majority provided to uphold the Constitution on communities law balance. Why not to make a mandatory session in parliament to quickly select a new law in place to extend the mandates of failing MPs ?

The X member's concern for balance between Christians - Muslims is mine. We claim to all the state institutions a strict balance of numbers of officials between Christians and Muslims to prevent the prosecution of hegemony and mistrust of Muslim culture on the Christian culture. It is the balance into the people, not balance of power between feudal lords. But when there is a parliament in half  Christian deputies, this equilibrium is established, provided always to respect the Constitution which prevents the existence of racist laws and discrimination. But to choose the law reforms, it must go through selections of votes and adopt what is supported by a majority. Otherwise, there is no democracy ! Ridiculous is to believe that a consensus among 128 deputies or the dominant leaders could happen, except when influence of money or armed militias could impose laws (corruption, or submission or fear of terrorists).

Thus, we call on the citizens to be aware not to rely on the current members and to go to the streets for protests, to keep strikes and economic stagnation until dissolution of parliament.

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