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On January 19, 2012. Nabih Berri, the defender of Bashar Assad and Iranian Shiite doctrine, becomes an actor of a family man, devoted to protect minorities.


Berri said he is proud to have had a role in Lebanese politics to put Lebanon out of the conflict in Syria. He said that the region undergoes a large and very serious plot.
On 01/18/2012.

Critics of Nabih Berri words :

Berri acknowledged that he interferes by giving political orders to the other State authorities. But he lies when he claims to be neutral. His insistence on the existence of a "plot" shows that he defends Bashar Assad and he is an agent of the Syrian Baathist regime.

Nabih Berri considered that the region suffered a severe grand conspiracy that is the wrong project in the Middle East by manipulating ethnic, religious and confessional sensitivities. His clan has always accused Israel and the United States of America of being behind this bad project.

Critics of Nabih Berri words :

People in the Middle East educate themselves, receive cultural material, and communicate through modern telecommunications. This will help speed the revolutions for freedom and democracy, against tyrants, dictators and mafias. While, Nabih Berri is an agent of Syrian mafia in Lebanon. It is possible that he participated in the assassination of Rafik Hariri, former prime minister. He was the first religious racist since he seized the presidency of parliament for over 20 years because he is the one imposed by the Shiite community. He used blackmail and threats of Hezbollah weapons to impose his authority.

At his diplomats’ conference, he added that Lebanon has different maneuver ways but so far he does not want to be evil. And he is counting on God so that there is no sectarian war. He added that Lebanon should play a role, not only to protect Christians and other communities in Lebanon, but also, it must act against any unrest in the middle east area ! Lebanon should be the center of the dialogue for the Near East!

Critics of Nabih Berri words :

As he is known for his blackmail, "different ways to act" are actually the means of blackmail against the Lebanese State and other political leaders to rule the country and promote his clan. His claim to protect Christians is comic. Christians and other communities in Lebanon are threatened by armed Shiite Hezbollah and other agents of Bashar Assad in Lebanon. Berri is a leader among these agents. Berri is a danger for Lebanon.

He said that Lebanon now has a chance to confirm positive independence. "Some have criticized the setting aside of Lebanon, political position which I am proud to have contributed to its development with the presidents of the republic and the government. This policy is in the interest of Lebanon. I'm surprised about some critics from persons who advocated neutrality of Lebanon before. We want to avoid the dangers in Lebanon area, " he had said.

Critics of Nabih Berri words :

Berri is smart enough to mock of people and distort the meaning of independence and neutrality of Lebanon. With Hezbollah and other agents of the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad, he has himself destroyed the independence of Lebanon and has subjected lebanese people to the Syria dictate. Anyone who campaigns for the fall of the Syria regime is about to help Lebanon independence and neutrality. In daily facts, Berri is working to defend Bashar Assad and he betrays the people aspirations for justice and freedom.

He asked, "If appearance of war in Syria happens, isn’t it sure to cause problems in Lebanon? We wish for the Syrian people peace, dialogue and unity."

Critics of Nabih Berri words :

Often, a mafia leader advises seemingly good paternal devotion to poor people. Berri's words are in fact disguised threats. With his support from Baathist armed militias, the Shiite Hezbollah and paramilitary groups of Bashar Assad, he will not allow the people to get the State power, neither in Lebanon nor in Syria. There is no political unity anywhere in the world except under repressions, State terrorism, blackmail, deprivation of freedom and other human rights. The unity according to Berri seems to be his desire to see the Lebanese under the dictatorship of armed Hezbollah and its Shiite doctrine of the seventh century. Diversity of opinion is natural in every family, every neighborhood, every community, every society, every religion, every party, every union, every business and every people. This is why democracy is evolving to adapt solutions to every people in all areas to protect human rights. The division of a country is not bad if the goal is the protection of human rights. The Democrats do not seek division, but for each conflict we seek a solution. Divorce in a family may be preferred in some cases. In Lebanon, the division of the country is better that to endure the Fakih Iranian Shiite doctrine ! The most important thing is the human rights and not the glory of Nabih Berri or any other person who can be thirsty for power.

Nabih Berri made his disguised threats while he knows that a civil war in Lebanon will not be caused except by his supporters, armed Amal, Hezbollah and other agents of Bashar Assad in Lebanon.


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