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Comments of the LSTDO:

On January 3, 2012. We do not trust the Advisory Council of the Lebanese State, nor the government, nor the feudal system, nor the Lebanese democracy, on the issue of pay reform.


What is this farce on the issue of pay reform and minimum wage, being wrangled between feudal politicians that favor the rich against the poor people ?

At LSTDO, we consider the poverty line in Lebanon, as to be the minimum wage, is worth a thousand U.S. dollars per month. The fallacious arguments interpreting the texts of regulations that have been presented by the judges to reject the decree draft have absolutely no credibility. The problem has nothing to do with the stupid old and not updated rules.

We have seen the media disinformation maneuvers in recent weeks that presented what is white as black, and what is good as bad, defending the rich and the feudal lords’ interests against poverty people in Lebanon!

All Lebanese Medias are accomplices of the rich people. They presented economic experts who tell us that inflation would melt the wage increase. They worry especially for the woes of big businesses and rich people!

The issue of salaries is the most important in the struggle for social justice and raising the living standards of poor Lebanese.

Our dear State borrows from the rich the money stored in banks, with high interest rates, creating excessive debt of the State, which will be supported by the workers and the poor low-income taxpayers. And thanks to corruption, there is money spreading to politicians and public leaders of different religions and confessions in Lebanon! The government does not care at all the problems of poverty, unemployment, exploitation at work, the migration of young Lebanese overseas and the importing of foreign workers to make the rich pay low wages. Where is it social solidarity between the Lebanese?

In Lebanon we have two socioeconomic classes that do not meet. On the one hand, there is the Community of the poor who is not defended by the State. On the other hand, there are the rich feudal lords who dominate and control the State, in order to protect their money, property, and to avoid taxes. The poor Lebanese emigrated because of unemployment, while his rich neighbor prefers to hire immigrants from third world to pay very low and unjust wages!

This dirty Lebanese feudalism eats poor morale in Lebanon continuously for centuries. Poverty breeds ignorance, weakness and push to take refuge in "the will of God", waiting to die. Religion "hypnotizes" the poor. The religious leader helps the poor to calm down, assuming things go according to the will of God, without any liability of the rich in the misery of the poor. There are no effective trade unions, socio-economic policies or programs of social justice or rebellion against tyrants and injustice.

In the feudal political system in Lebanon, those who defend the problems of the poor are a minority in all political groups known. While the clergy just promises to pray for the poor.

Thus, the bad Lebanese system continues and is beloved by the rich, the feudal families and the clergy. Amen!

In this issue of wages, we support the project to increase wages. But it is not enough. Social justice requires a large, comprehensive and consistent reform program, in the different economic sectors.


News from different medias: (text in arabic, showing the wrangling between politicians in the wages issue).

مجلس شورى الدولة يرفض قرار الحكومة الأخير بزيادة الأجور الذي قدمه نحاس.

الثلاثاء 3 كانون الثاني 2012.


 قرر مجلس شورى الدولة برئاسة القاضي شكري صادر وعضوية المستشارين زياد شبيب وريتا كرم القزي عدم الموافقة على مشروع المرسوم الأخير المتعلق بالأجور الذي قدمه وزير العمل شربل نحاس ووافق عليه اغلب أعضاء الحكومة بالتصويت رغم التوصل إلى اتفاق بين أصحاب العمل والعمال على مشروع آخر للأجور.


وبرر المجلس رفضه المشروع لان إعادة ترتيب المبالغ التي منحت للأجراء تحت تسمية بدل النقل والتي صدرت المراسيم بمنحها في فترة زمنية غابت فيها مراسيم تحديد الحد الأدنى ونسبة غلاء المعيشة، ووضعها تحت تسمية الحد الأدنى للأجور ونسبة غلاء المعيشة يتعارض مع المادة 68 من قانون الضمان الاجتماعي التي يستند إليها مشروع المرسوم، ولأن المبلغ المقترح ضمه إلى الأجر أو اعتباره عنصراً من عناصره، أي مبلغ 236 ألف ليرة، هو في جزء منه بدل نقل عن كل يوم عمل فعلي منحته المراسيم المتعاقبة منذ العام 1995 ، خلافاً للقانون، إلى حين تفعيل وسائل النقل العام، ولهذا السبب إن اعتبار هذا المبلغ جزءاً من الأجر يعتبر تعديلاً في المراسيم المتعلقة ببدل النقل المشوبة بعيب عدم الاختصاص والتي لا يمكن تصحيحها أو تعديلها بمراسيم إنما بتدخل من السلطة صاحبة الاختصاص وهي السلطة التشريعية.

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