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Maronite Patriarch, Bechara RAII said:

"We support the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, but it should not be politicized or falsified."

LSTDO Critics:

We have heard what he said in Internet’ Youtube film, in Arabic. He has said that Hezbollah accuses the Tribunal to be politicized. He added: “Tribunal must not be politicized”. This is not a hostile position against the Tribunal.  This is not a matter to us. What important is that the Patriarch supports the Tribunal and we are waiting truth and justice.


Maronite Patriarch, Bechara RAII said:

"Hezbollah weapons are linked to multiple affairs, and this is what we have said to France authorities. Everyone says why Hezbollah wears weapons, we answer that the international community did not put enough pressure on Israel to go out of Lebanese territory, and as long as there is occupied Lebanese territory, Hezbollah will continue to say that he wants to carry weapons in defense of his land, then what can we say to him? Aren’t you right? ".

LSTDO Critics:

In this speech the Patriarch RAI denies his own political past and get out from the political line of Patriarch Sfeir.

 This speech is not acceptable. Hezbollah hides behind this "theoretical" excuse in order to legitimize weapon carrying. But weapons went in favor of the Shiite community against the Lebanese people. Either, arms are legitimized to all Lebanese, so we continue the chaos and feudal mini-states, or, we must restrict weapon under the command of the army and democratic government to be able to build a unique State that protects everyone.


Maronite Patriarch, Bechara RAII said:

"Also, there are Palestinians on Lebanese territory, having weapons and they want the right of return to Palestine. Hezbollah wants to help them. The international community should press on Israel to help return to their land and then we can say to Hezbollah to render weapons."

LSTDO Critics:

This talk is not acceptable. Palestinians’ weapons in Lebanon constitute a threat and a fear on the security of Lebanese people, just like Hezbollah weapons are. This is because extremists existence into the two groups.

Patriarch has explained the known theoretical arguments for the rights of the Palestinians and the Shiite Hezbollah. But he did not make clear if, under his leadership, the Maronite Church is now defending these arguments.

 This is a large surprise and it’s unacceptable by most Maronites.

We are laic, from multiple religious origins.  We reject the Patriarch position because it does not apply to the Lebanese reality. Heavy weapons are wearing with extremists groups and oriented against the majority of Lebanese people.

 The presence of weapons outside the authority of the democratic State represents a threat against Lebanon people before to be against Israel. That multi-confessions Lebanon's people has no confidence to armed groups which create insecurity and blackmailing.

Linking this atmosphere of economic weakness and insecurity to a no end time, and since 60 years, under the pretext of the right to bear arms against Israel, while it is stronger than all the combined Arab countries, is something not less than the delirium of Hassan Nasrallah, Nabih Berri, and the followers of Bashar al-Assad.

We doubt the surrender of the Patriarch to the intimidations and incentives pressings from followers of the terrorist Syrian regime. We will search the explanation for this bad turn which is not less than treason, like Walid Jumblatt has done with March 14 Group because his fear from terrorism.

As our approach for a solution with Israel, it is quite different from Hezbollah, which wants to end the presence of the Jews and the construction of the State of Palestine from the sea to the Jordan River. This is impossible and unfair.

The Arab countries, Israel and the United Nations should reach a just solution to all peoples and religions of the region and the building of two independent States.

 Lebanon is a small and weak country, and it can not alone be the world police. We will not accept collective suicide in order to satisfy the backward beliefs and stupid terrorists.

 Hezbollah rockets can’t prevent Israel using atomic bombs against neighboring peoples. Extremism creates extremism on the other side. And woe will be to all.



Maronite Patriarch, Bechara RAII said:

" If situation in Syria worsens more than it is presently, we will see a worse regime than Bachar ASSAD regime, like the Muslim Brotherhood." He added: "Christians will pay the price, as happened in Iraq." And:"Change of government in Syria and the advent of the Sunnis’ rule will lead to their alliance with their Sunni fellows in Lebanon, which will lead to more worsening situation between Shiites and Sunnis."

LSTDO Critics:

Patriarch spoke about his fears of civil war in Syria and Lebanon. He said that the division of the region into sectarian mini-states hurts people's rights.

 But his fears don’t mean that he was defending the Bashar Assad regime. There are young Syrian intellectuals who aspire to freedom and democracy. They will not let Syria to move from extremists to other extremist forces.

 What is strange in "eastern" Patriarch’ words is his proud to be free opinion, on behalf of the Maronite Church. The reality, in an atmosphere of intimidation and blackmailing from Hezbollah and its arms, is that these words smell to obey the wishes of Nabih Berri, Hassan Nasrallah and Bashar Assad.

News from different medias:

Patriarch Rai has unraveled the struggles of millions of Maronites. Assad Has No Friend in Lebanon’s Christians.

By Karim Antoun Souaid


With just a few words, Patriarch Rai has unraveled the struggles of millions of Maronites, sullied the memories of hundreds of thousands of Maronite martyrs against Syria, and crushed the hopes of many Lebanese. Assad is a dictator of the same lineage that oppressed Lebanon for 30 years. Today he is fighting his own people with planes, tanks and artillery. Despite Patriarch Rai’s remarks, Assad has no friend in Lebanon’s Maronites.

Some may have forgotten the history of Syrian violence against Lebanon’s Christians. I have not. Growing up in war-torn Lebanon in the 1970s and ’80s, I knew nothing but Syrian onslaughts. During my youth, we were constantly running away from the shelling, bombing, booby-trapped cars and assassinations that the Syrian Army was perpetrating in Lebanon against the Christian population.

Syria’s violence is not perpetrated purely on religious grounds. No "Masada syndrome," in other words, afflicts the fears of Lebanon’s Christians. Syria is an equal-opportunity butcher of all Lebanese who dare raise their voices to proclaim the independence of the Land of the Cedars.

But Syria’s leaders target Christians specifically. Christians are the first to be persecuted whenever there are rumblings of opposition to the regime. In 1978, I survived the 100 Days’ war in Ashrafieh, a Christian district of Beirut. Just as is the case today in Homs and Hama in the Syrian hinterland, Ashrafieh was encircled, deprived of food and water, and pounded with heavy machine guns, artillery and tanks. Many of my young friends died in such battles.

A few years later, in 1981, the Syrian Army besieged Zahle, a Christian stronghold in the Bekaa Valley. Zahle’s population was deprived of water and basic supplies, and the Syrian Army attacked the city’s defenders with full force. Many of my friends lost their lives that summer defending their ancestral land and their right to freedom. In 1982, the Syrian Army assassinated a newly elected Christian President of Lebanon, without any hint of regret, accountability or remorse. For Syria, it was business as usual.

Fast-forward to 2005, when Syrian-occupied Lebanon saw a series of assassinations, among them the killing of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. A scare campaign in the Christian neighborhoods followed, in the form of random bombings and nightly explosions. What was Syria’s message ? We can kill a Sunni leader, but if the Christians call for our withdrawal from Lebanon, your fate will be darker than at the hand of your Sunni fellow Lebanese.

That message was opposed fervently by the leaders of the Cedar Revolution, Christians and Muslims alike, who banded together in the wake of Hariri’s assassination. It was fought with equal fervor by Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, the head of the Maronite Church at the time. Since 2000, Patriarch Sfeir had called for the withdrawal of the Syrian Army from Lebanon, and for Christian-Muslim unity in Lebanon. During his tenure, he spearheaded a movement that culminated with the exit of the Syrian Army after 30 years of occupation—30 years of spreading corruption, destroying Lebanon’s social fabric and reducing the majority of its political class to mere vassals.

Maronite leaders have stood up for Syria, too. On May 29, 1945, France bombed Damascus and tried to arrest its democratically elected leaders. That day Prime Minister Faris al-Khoury, a Christian, was at the founding conference of the United Nations in San Francisco, presenting Syria’s claim for independence from the French Mandate. It was left to Maronite Patriarch Anthony Peter Arida to oppose the brutal attacks, decrying France’s barbaric assault against civilians. Patriarch Arida’s speech that day was hailed in the Al Omari Mosque in Damascus by Sunni worshipers, who had no other voice to defend them but the patriarch’s.

The Maronite Church is not a bastion of democracy. But the church has long been an advocate for an independent Lebanon, free from the shackles of foreign powers—whether Turkish, French or Syrian. For decades the church has been in synch with Arab nationalists who yearn to be free of dictatorship and military occupation.

So when Patriarch Rai says that the international community should not oppose Bashar Assad’s slaughter, Maronites around the world know better. Lebanese Christians’ fight against illegal militias, vassal politicians and rogue heads of state has only begun.

(*) Karim Antoun Souaid is an independent asset manager and member of the New York State Bar Association.

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