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September 12, 2010.

Syrian collaborator Walid Jumblatt threats and blackmails the International Tribunal for the benefit of terrorists and feudalism.




I :  reality of treachery and baseness of Walid Jumblatt.



Across the Lebanese media, we discover confirmations that Walid Jumblatt asked to withdraw the indictment to be issued by the International Tribunal for assassinations in Lebanon, while such indictment does not yet exists.


It said that Walid Jumblatt stressed "the need to withdraw the indictment of the International Tribunal arguing from a fear of destabilizing Lebanon."


This reactionary feudal claimed, «justice and truth are important, but the stability of the country is most important."


This Syrian collaborator threatened that "the Court's findings will lead to a serious Shia - Sunni conflict."


What are Walid Jumblatt motivations? Is he an honest Lebanese political leader or simply a Syrian-regime opportunist’ slave?



II: LSTDO calls Lebanon Druze to assume responsibility to withdraw their confidence from this Jumblatti feudalism and liberate Shouf district away from his dictatorship.




We have duty to clarify the situation. Nobody in our organisation could be racist or hostile to the Druze. Walid Jumblatt represents only himself. He has no to represent the Lebanese Druze. He had betrayed his original political program and losses any confidence from the electorate.  Those who stay with him are stupid and Syrian collaborators like him.




It is the duty of the Druze Democrat Intellectuals to move ahead to become possible a true democratic transformation in the Chouf district. Syrian collaborators and feudal like Walid Jumblatt, Talal Arslan, and Wiame Wahab, underestimate the minds of  people when they pretend to have “ the Democratic Meeting  ", or "the Democratic Party “ or “ the Unification Movement". They showed their opportunism and feudalism. They act like Mafia leaders and serve the strong against the weak people. They are dealing with foreign states to break Lebanese law and democracy. LSTDO checks acts, not names or propaganda.




Asking withdrawal of indictment of the International Tribunal under the pretext of fear from destabilizing Lebanon is a menacing blackmail from the mouth of a Syrian agent serving Syrian regime interest. If Walid preferred betrayal of his conscience and his country for his own feudalism benefit, it is time to separate him from any authority in Lebanon.




The responsibility of such instability in Lebanon is located into the Syrian regime and its agents in Lebanon. The International Court's duty is to say who are the killers and the terrorists. Every one who threatens the Court is adding a supplementary argument into his own indictment file.




We are, among the Shiites and Sunnis, proud of modernity, moderation, freedom, claiming the security right. We refuse the amalgam by Walid between criminal terrorists on the one hand and the Sunni and Shiite communities on the other. There are no Sunni or Shiite individuals to be ready to shake the stability in Lebanon in order to support criminals from their own religions. The security of every citizen begins by the respect of security of the others and the complying with laws and Constitution.




Martyrs of independence, freedom, democracy, moderation, equal sharing, living together, and the separation of feudalism and religion from the State authority, were not killed because of their religions. They were killed because of their struggle against the hegemony of the terrorist Syrian regime and its agents on Lebanon internal affairs.


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