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14 June 2010. Not a single agreement with the Syrian regime, as long as the Lebanese prisoners issue in Syria is not resolved.


I - Facts:



Politicians and the Lebanese government said repeatedly there will be no peace agreement between Lebanon and Israel until a peace agreement happens between Israel and all Arab countries!



After the interference of the regime of Jamal ABDEL NASSER, Egyptian president, in the years 1958-1973, against the independence of Lebanon, we are seeing now that Egypt has a friendly attitude toward the policy of Lebanese democrats. About Israeli Palestinian conflict, we convene a Democrat and independent Palestinian State living in peace alongside Israel. It is a defensible principle for a lasting peace in the Middle East. Dr. Samir GEAGEA saw Egyptian President, Mr Hosni Mubarak, about common concerns for peace in the Middle East.



Mr John OGHASAPIAN, Minister of State, went to Damascus for two days to prepare about 15 cooperation agreements of economic interest with the Syrian regime. We note there is no report or a single word about the serious conflict of the Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons.




II - The LSTDO reaction :



We address to Lebanese democrat citizens. The other, not Democrats, are untrustworthy. Most Lebanese politicians have proven their opportunism and disregard far from the rights of people since tens of years, from father to son and from a feudal to another. After the betrayal of their election promises, they flatten out today in front of the Syrian leadership.



Since 1969, the Syrian regime has always tried to dominate Lebanon people and its economy, with occupations, organization of subversions, murders, terrorism and arming extremist’s militias who act in its interest. The Lebanese people have suffered from Syrian interference more than what it endured from Israel aggressions.




Thus, we believe that the Syrian regime is as much an enemy of the Lebanese democrats as the Israeli government.



That is why we must defend ourselves against Syrian regime in the same way that we must defend ourselves against Israeli government. We note we have no hostility against Syrian and Jewish peoples.



Lebanon and its economy are open to foreign trade by sea and air traffic. His defence can be effective with our support from Democrat and friendly countries.



We therefore condemn against the serious attitude of the current Lebanese government hiding the truth to the impoverished people of Lebanon and its propaganda that there is no problem with Syria. Until now, nothing have been solved for border security, belonging of Lebanese Shebaa Farms, for the arrest of Syrian interference in Lebanese internal affairs, for the disarmament of pro Syrian militias in Lebanon, and the release of Lebanese prisoners in Syria.



If human rights are not respected in Syria, in particular on the issue of Lebanese prisoners, we found shocking to negotiate with the Syrian economic affairs and we see a new submissions of Lebanon government to the Syrian regime.



The only issue that first should be discussed with the Syrian regime is that of Lebanese prisoners. No agreement for cooperation should be made before the solution of this case, which has dragged on for decades.



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