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28 May 2010. We have no trust, no security, no development, and no peace as long as the ‎democratic and independent State can’t control and disarm all armed militias, in Lebanon. ‎

The Organization supports lawyer Elie MAHFOUD and Mr. Ahmed AL-ASAAD concerning ‎their courageous positions. We are convinced that most of the Lebanese people are to ‎sympathize with this struggle for a free, neutral and democratic Lebanon, to put all weapons ‎only in the hands of the State, and to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution. ‎

I - 27 May 2010. Lawyer Elie MAHFOUD: Palestinian arms ruin Lebanon, and Hezbollah ‎weapons will eliminate Lebanon rest. ‎

The "Movement for Change" President, member of " 14 March forces ", lawyer Eli ‎MAHFOUD appeals Lebanese to warn them of the seriousness of " militia weapons which are ‎still held by the" party of God ", despite the delivery of all other militias’ arms in accordance ‎with the National Accord Agreement." ‎

MAHFOUD said in a statement that "few today speak openly on the truth, that most of the ‎political class are narrowly accounting at the level of egoist interests and gains ".He added: ‎‎"But the remaining few believe in the Lebanese cause, and in the slogan" the strongest is the ‎one who wants nothing ". They continue to raise the tone whatsoever sacrifices are.‎

He stressed that "the continuing presence of Hizbullah armed militia will lead to the loss of ‎the Lebanese republic". He added that " these weapons carried under the pretext of resistance ‎against Israel, were the same which raised during the Lebanon occupation by Palestinian ‎militias in 1969, when ABU AMMAR told " the road to Jerusalem passes by Jounieh ". He ‎added : “ The result was that the Palestinian weapons disappeared and Lebanon remained”. ‎

MAHFOUD considered that "when we note the seriousness of this weapon we put a finger on ‎the heart of the Lebanese crisis ", asserting, «the chapters of this crisis will not finish as long ‎as Hezbollah is singing alone outside the squadron the Lebanese legitimacy”.

MAHFOUD looks to the dialogue table as “ fruitless after the domestication of most of their ‎passengers”, asserting, "government will not be able to take any decision not compatible with ‎the interests of the" Party of God ". This party dominates Lebanon governance. That is why ‎Lebanese Republic is now in serious jeopardy.‎

He calls to raise voices inside all Lebanon in order to fight against propaganda which suggests ‎that all Lebanese agree with Hezbollah’ weapon, pointing out that " we must be able to reject ‎this weapon as soon as possible since it is on the verge of seizing the Republic and its ‎institutions ". ‎

MAHFOUD insisted that " the continuation of holding weapons by a specific clan of ‎Lebanese will conduct to promote other weapons of other parties, and this will lead to a new ‎civil war ". ‎

II - "Lebanese Option Shiite Party" : the elections proved that the current opposition began to ‎grow up within the Shiite community. ‎

Lebanese Option, after its weekly meeting under the chairmanship of Ahmed AL-ASAAD, ‎has told that the results of the municipal elections in many towns and villages in the Bekaa ‎and the South Lebanon announcing many candidates received by acclamation without voting, ‎was a kidnapping of the Democratic Process. It distorts the electoral benefit about the real ‎concepts for people development. ‎

AL-ASAAD stressed that these realities of alliances of the armed militias in place leaves ‎people helpless. They work for their own interests, having monopoly on the Shiite ‎community, and certainly are far from the development programs and services to citizens. ‎

The statement considers that coalition electoral lists which produced a significant number of ‎towns and villages to win by acclamation without voting in the Bekaa and the South, lead ‎inevitably to political domination of one color and one extremist opinion. ‎

He pointed out that despite all, this election proved that the current opposition began to grow ‎and grow up within the Shiite community. Independent candidates have proved without room ‎for doubt their rejection of the enormous pressure exerted by Hezbollah and Amal. They ‎confirm in fact that the Shiite community rejects to be dominated by only one political ‎opinion.‎


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