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April 27, 2010. The Lebanese detainees in Syria are forgotten by the government and the political class.

I - Reminders:

The parents of Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons, yesterday, called the government to meet its commitments in its first Ministerial Declaration and to establish a national bureau that will be handling the matter.

To mark the fifth anniversary of the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon, a press conference was held, yesterday, in Gebran Khalil Gebran Garden, downtown, in which they deplored the "inhuman» attitude of political leaders in their approach to the issue.

Mrs. Sonia EID, chairperson of the parents of Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons said: "We demanded the formation of a national commission that will be handling the matter, they accused us of wanting to plunge back into war. "!

Mr. Ghazi AAL, Solid spokesman (Support of Lebanese in Detention and in Exile) said: "We know, and you too, that Lebanese are languishing in Syrian jails. It is a national right that we want to know the fate of Lebanese victims of arbitrary disappearance. But you flee the problem.”

Mr. Wadih ASMAR, president of the Lebanese Centre for Human Rights, recalled that "the parents claims are human and just. Shedding light on the fate of missing persons is a first step towards unification of the country."

Mr. Samy GEMAYEL said that relations with Syria can’t be improved as long as this issue is not resolved.

II - The LSTDO position :

It seems clear that the political Lebanese prisoners in Syria are used as bargaining chips to do pressures against every opposition to Syrian interference in Lebanese affairs.

Just this case is sufficient for us to say that the Lebanese government should have no normal relationship with Syria until solving this priority problem. Apart the diplomatic talks with the Syrian ambassador in Lebanon, every political leader who dare to visit Syria before resolving these issues should be condemned and rejected by the people.

Every Lebanese political leader who opens contacts with Syria before the resolution of these issues must be fought politically to reduce its standing in Lebanon and to prevent the State Construction and the rights of Lebanese citizens.

As things stand, we respect the Syrian people but we believe that the Syrian government is hostile to the Lebanese rights, and should be treated according to this reality until the change occurs in his attitude towards Lebanon.

This record of Lebanese political prisoners in Syria is a key element of our passage into open opposition against the present government of Saad HARIRI, despite our support for certain projects of this government. There is no contradiction. We are the true pragmatic Lebanese Democrats. This government is becoming with no coherent policy. And it has not fulfilled his promises. It has nothing to do with the Cedar Revolution or the original policy of the 14 March Group. It’s a betrayal.


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