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The origin of Lebanon before the birth of Jesus Christ, more than two thousand years ago, is a territory spread from Israel to the Turkish border at the east of the Mediterranean Sea where the Phoenicians mainly lived in coastal towns and traded with neighboring peoples of this sea.


The pressures of religions and warlords through the centuries have caused populations mixtures and various conflicting doctrines in the Middle East. Phoenicia had suffered all invaders of the region. The Lebanese people became multiracial, multi-religious, with various rival doctrines, and cannot be identified with one race or one clan or one doctrine or one religion.


We suggest Lebanon name changing to Phoenicia to be sincere with history and to clarify the will of the Lebanese majority that Lebanon has Permanent Independence and to end the endless pressures of certain hegemonic doctrines run by criminal dictators in the Middle East region dreaming to annex Lebanon.


Phoenicia would intend to remain neutral about stupid conflicts between indoctrinated belligerents in the Middle East. Phoenicia would defend with United Nations help, human rights, democracy and the rights of minorities, but based on its limited resources.


Phoenicia should be secular and would never accept religious flags or emblems. Phoenicia should respect in the same time the rights of all beliefs provided they do not harm other humans.


Phoenicia should be opened to all people of the earth for economic prosperity, peace and respect for human rights.


Phoenicia is democratic, ending the feudal system, with a Constitution which should guarantee minorities rights as preventing the absorption of the country by the neighbors for racial or religious or demographic pretenses.


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Association pour la Démocratie Forte Transparente au Liban (ADFTL)

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 التجمع الديمقراطي القوي الشفاف في لبنان

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Lebanese Strong Transparent Democracy Organization (LSTDO)

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