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LSTDO / Open Lebanon economy.

Globalization of Lebanon economy.


Lebanon is a small country with low economic power compared to rich countries and world economy.

Lebanon has no scientific and industrial infrastructures to create wealth.

Lebanon has no natural resources such as oil or gas or raw materials for industry.

Lebanon has an agricultural potential that could bring self-sufficiency in food and export of agro food products. However, it lacks an effective agricultural policy.

Exploitable natural resources in Lebanon are:

- Tourism thanks to cool weather in the mountains in summer, warm beaches in summer, and snow in winter for skiing.

- Water is a significant reserve, if there were facilities such as dams.

- Sunshine, rivers and wind can be energy sources.

Lebanon has performing educational institutions. Teaching English and French have encouraged emigration of young Lebanese who do not find work in Lebanon. There is no family in Lebanon without having children who leave the country. The Lebanese Diasporas are larger than the Lebanon country. The continuing exodus of young Lebanese is a bad factor that can drive to the disappearance of the Lebanese Independent State.

 The economic survival of Lebanon was artificial, since the outbreak of civil war in 1976 and occupation by the Syrian army. The Lebanese Diasporas are infusing the Lebanese economy by the financial aid that young Lebanese working abroad sent to their families. This artificial survival cannot last at the long term.

The Lebanese economy is dependent on foreign trade. Energy products, raw materials and industrial products are coming from abroad. Without being able to develop tourism and industrial production and agriculture, the economy can only choke. Syrian policy and some pro Syrian Lebanese parties that are against Lebanon independence have acted since 1969 in the sense of stifling Lebanon economy in order to alienate Lebanon people and to annexing Lebanon by Syrian regime dictatorship.

The two neighboring countries of Lebanon, Israel and Syria, had always pressure on Lebanon to impoverish its people. Israel has acted by successive wars since 1948, causing massive destruction of infrastructure and killing innocent people. Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are a financial burden and a security problem. The border with Israel is closed. The permanent belligerency with Israel is a cause of continued insecurity and low rates of investment in Lebanon.

Similarly, and despite claims that both Lebanese and Syrian peoples are brothers, Lebanon has suffered permanent pressure from the Syrian dictatorship stifling its economy. The exchange of goods between Lebanon and the Middle East Arab countries has been regularly disrupted by the closure of borders by Syria regime. The Syrian regime's Baath Party does not recognize Lebanon's independence, and has tried to annex it using the armed Palestinian militias in Lebanon from 1969, and occupying our country from 1975 to 2005. The economy had been strangled and plundered by the Syrian power, which dominated Lebanese state. The exodus of young Lebanese abroad to search means of survival has increased since 1969. Lebanon had lost its economic structures but also most of its graduates and academics. Moreover, the Syrian army had divided the Lebanese inducing a civil war, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and disabilities. Assassinations and kidnappings were perpetrated by Syrian military against the Lebanese.

In total, the Syrian regime has been more bloody and destructive of Lebanon as the State of Israel. We address this issue at some fellow Lebanese who are pro-Syrian and tell them how their indoctrinations are detestable and absurd.


II-The position of the Association:

The globalization of the Lebanese economy is an absolute necessity. We have no raw materials but we have young people trained to industrialize the country and sell manufactured products worldwide.

We must therefore encourage the youth to return to the country and build a modern processing plant. The quality of their lives will be better as staying with their families and working close to home.

The maritime and air transport can largely compensate the difficulties of crossing through the Syrian border. Lebanon must trade with countries around the world.

But now, in 2010, we remain pessimistic. The Syrian army has gone out of Lebanon. However, the Syrian regime has managed to establish in the country of cedar armed pro-Syrian terrorist militias. They blackmail against the peace and building a democratic state of law. As long as there are armed militias opposed to Lebanon independence and to balance of denominational constitutional democratic government, we cannot hope for an improvement of the Lebanese economy. What makes us bitter is to see that some Lebanese dig their own graves since they are victims of racial, religious and sectarian mistaken indoctrination.


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Globalization of Lebanon economy.