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Thursday 01 October 2009

Letter from Carlos EDDE to opportunistic 'leaders' of 14 March Forces.

 (LSTDO thanks Carlos).

Mr. Carlos EDDE, National Bloc leader, has sent to 14 March leaders an open letter in which he asked them to stand firm against 8 March Group and to negotiate with parliamentary Opposition from a strength position. Urging the leaders of 14 March Forces not to be intimidated by Hezbollah weapons. Carlos EDDE stresses that many people from independent civil society voted for 14 March Forces based on an election speech to cope with weapons of Hezbollah, pro-Syrian and pro-Iranian Party of 'God. Here is the text of the open letter of National Bloc chief:

"Now that voters have renewed their commitment to the ideas of the Cedar Revolution and the popular mandate they had given to the 14 March Forces and his leadership, and at the time when such leadership is preparing to take the first important decisions of the new legislature, we should look at the reality and avoid self-deception. The voters who voted for you have done more against the policy of 8 March Group not for your performance in last years. They expect you to be firm against the Opposition and that you are dialoguing with it from a strength position. You have received a specific mandate from voters, not a blank check to dispose at will."

"It is time to distinguish between 'ZELM' and citizens, as if some voters accept the decisions of their leaders what they are, a growing and majority number thinks and sanctions your errors. In addition to your supporters, many people from independent civil society have voted for you based on your election speech, to deal with Hezbollah weapons and defend Lebanon sovereignty."

"The 14 March 2005 uprising spirit is summarized in the idea of a tolerant and multi-confessional Lebanon, an independent country from foreign interference on its territory, a democratic system where the popular will is predominant, where representatives of the people freely elected decide war or peace, and a sovereign State which imposes a single authority throughout the territory."

"The speech by Hassan NASRALLAH with his threatening tone is unacceptable. The current Hezbollah policy is inconsistent in Liberal Lebanon in which the majority of Lebanese aspire. There is no contradiction between the struggle against Israel and the rights of Palestinians on the one hand, and maintaining Lebanon away from regional conflicts, on the other. The Lebanese, whatever their religious affiliations, have no interest in their countries continuing to be a battleground in the interests of 'wilayat al-faqih', while in this moment Iranian authority is being struggled in the streets of Tehran. While the Iranians are against their regime, the Lebanese majority should no longer be intimidated by Hezbollah militia."

"Michel AOUN exists only because a fraction of the Christian population has had deception from majority politicians. He holds his popularity, even in decline, nor from his political positions, nor the success of his career, nor the fineness of his mind. To end his destructive and fratricide influence, it is not enough just to expose his true goals, you must also convince his Christian electorate by a viable and credible alternative policy."

"We understand that Walid Jumblatt is subject to significant threats and we see his revisionist policy as a consequence. But, he should already know that the policy of appeasement in front of the oppression and the intransigence only delays them. True security lies in the cohesion of the sovereignty forces and the victory of their politics. Extreme positions and frequent reversals undermine everybody. They are not of benefit to anyone."

"While the International Tribunal is launched and it is now irreversible, the majority government should remain particularly vigilant.  Attempts could resurface at any time to block tribunal action."

"The perception that many Lebanese have is that 14 March leaders are a group of politicians vying each another for a greater share of the pie and are able to unite their efforts only in times of acute crisis. This vision can only be changed by the introduction of a common project for the country. It is not enough to launch slogans. We must also govern and show people the positive results in implementing projects of reform and development, and providing services to citizens that the State owes to them. It is also essential to give confidence to independent movements and civil society who share the objectives of the Movement of 14 March, but have reservations about the way in which the struggle is conducted by the leadership. This confidence is obtained only by consistent acts according with the speeches and by perceptible results. Any majority leader can never make his personal goals as those of 14 March Group!"

"There are currently among the sovereignty’s voters some fear that a new post-election Quadripartite Agreement is in gestation. While dialogue is necessary in a democratic society, the objectives of a sovereign Lebanon is not negotiable. The elections took place under the conditions of the Opposition and Hezbollah has acknowledged its defeat. There is now a majority. It must govern according to the mandate received from his voters. The fear from Hezbollah weapons must no longer prevent the majority to govern; otherwise, it would have been better to give it the State Power. Being rigorous is compatible with relaxation spirit. We should give guarantee that there will be no post-election quadripartite bad agreement at the expense of the Majority population or the principles of the Cedar Revolution."

"How can we not learn from the past and why re-elect Nabih BERRY, the man who closed the parliament during his previous term and who have blocked the State functioning illegally ? The Presidency of the parliament is curiously offered automatically to those who lost the elections, while the government formation is being negotiated with the minority! Have we learned nothing? You have agreed an electoral law that distributes a priori quotas in Parliament and one of whose main impacts was to prevent the Shiites to have the free choice to vote for independent candidates!"

"The BIEL documents of 14 March 2008 and Bristol Final Agreement should be the common denominator to which all signatory must comply. We have to establish clear priorities and act now. Four years quickly pass and voters do not ever give you a second chance."


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Letter from Carlos EDDE to opportunistic 'leaders' of 14 March Forces. (LSTDO thanks Carlos).