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Sunday 9 August 2009.

Walid JUMBLATT is in panic, as he is afraid of losing his power of Druze Mafia Head.


I - Facts:

Why this sudden reversal of Walid JUMBLATT in the aftermath of the electoral mandate of 7 June 2009 which was given by the voters of the Chouf District on the basis of 14 March Group political program. He has delivered sectarian projects struggles that put him like the most extremist among the pro Syrian March 8 politicians, while since 2000 its policy was anti Syrian and for an independent democratic and peaceful Lebanon. He despised his electorate!

Until 2 August 2009, Walid presented himself hoping conciliation with Syrian regime. Marwan HAMADE, his political friend, has said he will not go to Syria without his personal conviction. He clarified that decisions of war or peace should be taken only by a single authority of the Lebanese State. He stressed to forming a government in Lebanon without foreign interference. But Walid had begun steps closer to its former adversaries of the Druze community as Talal ARSLAN, Wiam WAHHAB, and then returned to Hasan NASRALLAH politics; who is a terrorist leader of the Shiite Hezbollah.

Despite the electoral success of 14 March Group the 7 June 2009 to keep the majority in parliament, Walid began serving ideas related to his fear of violence from pro Syrian militias terrorism powers in Lebanon and Hezbollah in particular. He chose the submission to the Syrian regime at odds with his past as a political activist against this regime since 2000. He surprised all political observers in Lebanon.

An attempt to explain this reversal of Walid is made. A German newspaper reported in May 2009 from sources of the International Tribunal on the assassination of Rafik HARIRI, that Hezbollah militias have carried out the assassination of this former Sunni Prime Minister Rafik. Walid reportedly fears an armed conflict between Sunnis and Shiites that would entail him. Walid has failed to undergo a civil war in Chouf District the 7 May 2008 between the Druze and the Shiites of Hezbollah. At the time, he called Talal ARSLANE, pro Syrian Druze, for help to calm the riot. Walid hasn’t confidence to Western military support in case of new civil war in Lebanon. His reversal is explained by his desire to preserve the leadership of his JUMBLATT family on Druze people as a possible civil war expected because of the dominance of pro Syria militias in Lebanon in a possible conflict in which Sunnis and Christians will not have the means to defend themselves. That is why we can see him with his pro Syrian statements, in total contradiction with respect to its previous struggles against the Syrian regime during the 14 March Group movements, since 2001.

One wonders if Walid is currently suffering from psychological disorders. He said that his previous actions in solidarity with the Group of 14 March were a provisional necessity. How can we understand he had accused the Syrian regime of murders and terrorisms in Lebanon for several years and now he wants to become the ally of this regime?

We also wonder if Walid wants to bargain the votes of his party deputies in business manner. He said the 3 august 2009 he is in independent position from both the 14 March Group and the 8 March Group. But we know his parliamentary group can tip the majority in a minority if he is detached from the coalition of the 14 March Group! The majority of the 14 March Group, whom leader is Saad HARIRI, is financially supported by Saudi Arabia. The parliamentary minority is supported by Syria and Iran. Foreign interference is very strong at this time for the formation of the government. Despite democratic rule which allows the formation of the government by the majority, we understood immediately after the election that all the clique of politicians of the 14 March Group is afraid from Hezbollah weapons and other pro Syrian armed groups on Lebanese soil. They caved in to blackmail by agreeing to form a coalition government in which the pro Syrian opposition who lost the elections would have a significant part in the power and opportunity to oppose the estimated sensitive plans! Saad HARIRI believed that deputies submitted to the authority of Walid JUMBLATT were with him. However, if all deputies of the "so called Democratic Gathering" dominated by Walid JUMBLATT go to 8 March Group clan, the majority of Saad HARIRI becomes minority. Walid has created a situation of blackmail mafia leaders instead of being a representative of the people in democratic parliament. Blackmail of Nabih BERRI and Hasan NASRALLAH are now supplemented by those of Walid!

On 14 July 2009, Walid had planned publicly to go to Damascus to present his submission to the Syrian regime!

On 14 July 2009, Wiam WAHHAB, pro Syrian servant, has reassured Walid that the road to Damascus is open for him since his repositioning in the pro Syrian clan.

On 14 July 2009, Walid said that the symbolism of 14 March Group which is "Lebanon first" does not suit him. He created a psychological shock of his former allies into Cedar Revolution. It is wrong to believe that the Lebanese supporters of Lebanon first are opposed to solidarity with Arab and Palestinian rights. In fact, Walid seems to say that in order to be tolerated by the Syrian regime on the Lebanese political scene.

This evolution of Walid began by meeting with the pro Syrian Talal ARSLANE, then with Hasan NASRALLAH and Wiam WAHHAB. Druze clerics were invited to meet the religious Shiites as if reconciliation is not needed on the political level but only in terms to calm religious hatred! In the 21st century, they believe that the prayers of the religious clerics are more important than democratic negotiations on human rights in Lebanon.

Walid's reflections reveal that his main concern is not to see new riots like those of 7 May 2008, in Beirut and Chouf, and in AICHA KBAKKAR the 28 June 2009. If he has reason to want peace, it remains that his militancy for 10 years against the terrorist militias on Lebanese soil has disappeared to make way for the submission to the pro Syrian illegal forces of terrorism.

On 14 July 2009, Walid had insisted on the need to join Islamic forces like ARAMOUNE Islamic Meeting in 1976, to counter U.S. imperialism and Israel. He warned that such a rally is not against Christians. Walid hypocrisy is total. He contributes in this attitude to divide further the Lebanese on the religions basis. All minorities in the Middle East will fear and mistrust of his remarks. The sectarian and religious alignments in 1976 had caused a civil war in Lebanon from which we are suffering the consequences until today. We read in that attitude his desire to please the Syrian regime to be adopted in the Iranian Syrian clan.

Walid is repositioning himself as the main defender of the Palestinian cause by adopting the arguments of the refusal Syrian Iranian anti American clan. He abandoned the thesis of the neutrality of Lebanon in front of the sectarian and regional endless conflicts and he wants to be the star of the anti western struggle. He knows that most Arab countries are currently open to a peaceful dialogue to find a just solution to all the peoples of the Middle East. He also knows that his Druze clan has no weight in front of international military forces and those present in the Middle East. He wants to involve Lebanon in a huge conflict in which he knows that Lebanon can not afford to make war and can not survive without his moderation and neutrality. He also knows that the 14 March Group has never abandoned the Palestinian rights and that we are only small players in this international huge conflict.

Walid has crowned his statements of 14 July 2009 stating that the Iranian Syrian alliance won the war against the West! His convictions have nothing to do with reality, but this explains his attitude to walk with the so called strongest. When George BUSCH was in power, Walid attacked Syrian and Iranian regimes in order to please the American Presidential Administration. Today, he believes President OBAMA will not act militarily in the Middle East and the Syrian interference in Lebanon could be back.

Walid fought since 2000 to see the independence of Lebanon and the departure of the Syrian army. Now he believes that nothing happens in Lebanon without the decisions of Syria and Saudi Arabia. The notion of independence doesn’t interest him !

Walid is hoping a new vision of the Lebanese policy in 14 March Group where "Arabism" in Lebanon and close relations with the Syrian regime are set in advance. The word Arabism could be interpreted in different ways. In the direction of the Syrian Arabism, this word means the submission of Lebanon to the policy of the Syrian regime and in particular the lack of Lebanon independence. Walid was against the Syrian Arabism during the Cedar Revolution. Today it is the opposite. Concerning relations with Syria, it seems more logical to speak of solidarity on the common causes of all Arab countries without hegemony of one country to another. When the Syrian regime in Lebanon requires 90% of water yield from the source of the Orontes at the foot of Lebanon Summit to Syria, we can not defend this kind of "privileged relations".

Walid has attained the age of 59 and has not yet understood that Lebanon has no future as an independent modern democracy without neutrality in face of sectarian and religious stupid conflicts of the Middle East. Lebanon is not the policeman of the Middle East and it has not the means. All Lebanese are Phoenicians with successive immigrations that we integrated. However, when you start talking of sects and religions, you divide the Lebanese. When you want to enforce submission to any Arab or Islamic totalitarian country, Lebanese will be anxious especially non-Muslim communities who do not accept the application of Islamic laws in the management of the democratic State. Lebanon cannot survive without a secular democracy with separation between religious and State powers. The neutrality of the policy of the Lebanese State will avoid repercussions in Lebanon from uncontrollable various conflicts in the Middle East.

Neutrality of Lebanon does not mean isolationism. Walid is completely wrong. His retreat to his Druze community, believing to preserve feudal leadership of JUMBLATT Family, is sectarian isolationism. When he calls to the Muslims rally, he gives the impression he wants to isolate himself from the rest of the world. When the Lebanese communities demand independence and non-interference of hegemonic Arab regimes on Lebanon, it is to protect the interests of any Lebanese without exception. Neutrality is not hostility against the Arab just causes. It is not against cooperation between the peoples of the region for the benefit of any socio-economic plans. Switzerland is a neutral country. She was able to avoid the consequences of world wars. Neutrality does not prevent it from supporting the human and fair causes throughout the world. Neutrality has allowed it to be a land of reconciliation between peoples in conflict. Switzerland is thriving despite the presence on its soil of four people speaking different languages. We want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the Middle East.


II – LSTDO position:

Lebanon will be non-independent isolated and impoverished if it is submitted to the hegemony of the Syrian regime. It will be isolated if it is not true democracy where there is alternation in power, with majority who governs and minority who controls. Blackmail of the Syrian regime, Hasan NASRALLAH and Nabih BERRI have made the success in elections of 14 March group to failure. Walid JOUMBLATT today is in the process of liquidating the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon and returning to Syrian Iranian clan.

The LSTDO does not support the 14 March Group in its current activities and non-democratic defeatism. Nevertheless, it is firmly against the pro Syrian 8 MARCH Group and against the foolish and surprising current attitude of Walid JOUMBLATT.

The LSTDO condemns any interference by non-democratic countries in the internal affairs of Lebanon. Lebanon must remain neutral and free from sectarian conflict in the Middle East.

The LSTDO requires the formation of a government based on the policy platform of 14 March Group, which won the parliamentary elections of 7 June 2009.

The LSTDO condemns any act of submission to blackmail made by armed militias in Lebanon or in neighboring countries.  

The LSTDO claims that conflicts, with the current regime in Syria, are negotiated only through diplomatic channels and with the United Nations.

The LSTDO was opposed to any politician who moves to Damascus outside the formal protocols of the Lebanese State.

The LSTDO voted on 7 June 2009 for 14 March Group and we consider currently that the parliamentary majority has betrayed its promises.

The LSTDO is secular and defends the rights of any Lebanese whatever their religious origins. Walid Jumblatt Clan cannot be regarded as trustworthy ally. We want to see in the Druze community new figures really democrats who can demonstrate that the majority of Druze is aware of the Walid Jumblatt errors, as well as Wiam WAHHAB and Talal ARSLAN. We hope to construct a new policy consistent with the independent strong and transparent Lebanese democracy.



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 9-8-2009. Walid JUMBLATT is in panic, as he is afraid of losing his power of Druze Mafia Head.