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June 9, 2010. From his 90 years, the Patriarch is unwavering, like a Millennium cedar


The Lebanese must be secular Democrats, defending the notion of separation between the State power and religions. But when a people is in agony and distress, the Maronite Patriarch, who is moderate and respects the idea of a secular State, continues to be the corner stone of the defense of free and democratic Lebanon. Facing the resignation and opportunism of Lebanese politicians and international organizations, who deal with the racist extremists, who are exploiting the carrying of arms and the Shiite, Sunni and Druze religious indoctrinations in order to sell Lebanon to neighboring countries, Patriarch Nasrallah SFEIR remains a bright star in the darkness of the Middle East. And we hope to see courageous and moderate Muslim Clergy to mobilize to gather all the ‎Lebanese and help build a Modern, Neutral, Democratic, and Peaceful State.‎


 Here is a worthy newspaper article:

The view of Khaled Asmar – Beirut. Link: Khaled Asmar - Beyrouth.

The Syrian regime attempts to interfere in Lebanon's Maronite Patriarch official visit to France.
But weeds will never reach the peaks of Millennium cedar.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 4:13 p.m., by Khaled ASMAR – Beirut.

The head of the Maronite Church, the patriarch Nasrallah SFEIR, arrived in Paris next week for an official visit of several days at the invitation of President Nicolas SARKOZY who will receive him on June 15.
To parasitize this highly symbolic visit, Syria has called the Lebanese president for a summit on the same day in Damascus, while the Foreign Affairs Minister, who is a pro Hezbollah Shiite calls the Lebanese Embassy in Paris to cancel the reception hosted in honor of the Patriarch.

Historically, the Maronite Church is the main pillar of the independence of modern Lebanon. And as such, it is always in the sights of Syria, whose ambitions to annex the Cedar country are already demonstrated. Today, as yesterday, the Syrian regime is attacking the Maronite Church, his leader, Patriarch Sfeir and all Maronites who had chosen the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon as their second religion!

After taking strategic positions and had posted Maronite servants under the occupation (1990-2005), after the withdrawal of its army from Lebanon (April 2005), Damascus resumed
maneuvers to divide and weaken the Maronites to submit them, including through some inconsistent careerists who violently attacked the Patriarch (such as General Michel Aoun, or Suleiman Frangieh ...). Link: La Syrie tente une nouvelle manœuvre pour soumettre le Patriarcat maronite libanais et prend le tombeau de Saint Maron en otage; Link: autoproclamé patriarche politique des Chrétiens d’Orient

Having boycotted the ceremonies organized to commemorate the 1600 anniversary of the of Saint Maroun death, in Syria, and claiming systematically rebalancing bilateral relations between Beirut and Damascus, and the release of Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons, the Patriarch has angered the regime, in
point that the opposition media, under Damascus orders, tried to ignore Sfeir recent visits, to Jordan, to northern Lebanon, to Bekaa, and to Cyprus. But at the top of his 90 years, the Patriarch is unwavering as he represents a millennium cedar in the eyes of his community.

This pastoral and diplomatic activism of the Patriarch, used to defend the independence of Lebanon, irritates Syria. This irritation reached its climax when the Patriarch went on an official visit to France, the country which is traditionally close to Lebanon, which has historically been the defender of the Maronites, as evidenced by the letter addressed to them by King Louis XIV in 1250 (see
the letter at the bottom of the page). Since the announcement of the intense Patriarch program in Paris (meeting with President Sarkozy at the Elysee, the president of the Senate, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, the Archbishop of Paris, the Quai d'Orsay, and medias. ..), attempts to parasitize this visit have increased.

Indeed, to reduce the scope of the visit to the Lebanese living in France who are preparing to welcome their leader, the Foreign Affairs Lebanese Ministry, headed by a minister from the Shia opposition (Amal), has asked the Lebanon Embassy in Paris to cancel the reception organized in honor of Sfeir, at  Dauphine Pavilion, under the pretext of reducing expenses! The embassy has refused. Invitations had already been launched. The financial contribution of Maronites in France led the embassy to keep the reception.

Another attempt to parasitize the visit is to empty it from any sovereignty content. That is why Damascus convenes a summit between the presidents of Syria and Lebanon in Damascus, the same day the Patriarch will be received at the Elysee. The message is clear. After launching its pro Syrian Lebanese agents on the heels of Sfeir, after declaring Michel Aoun as a political patriarch and after receiving Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah Secretary General at the summit in Damascus with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, last February, Damascus seeks to convince France that  Nasrallah Sfeir no longer represents Lebanon. For Damascus, while in Paris Sfeir defends the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon, Michel Suleiman, the Lebanese President (former commander of the army during the occupation and the Syrian tutelage) is located in Damascus and opted for Lebanon submission to " the brother country"!

Thus Syria seems to gratify France for having out of its isolation and Bashar Al-Assad, who was a guest of honor of Nicolas Sarkozy in the parade of 14 July 2008, thanked the tenant of the Elysee. After exploiting SARKOZY, ASSAD will literally drive him out of Lebanon. But there is so blind as those who don’t want to see. Apparently, ASSAD wants more!

Link: L’honneur perdu d’un 14 juillet

Link: « Le 14 juillet à Paris, Assad retrouvera sa « virginité ». Se contentera-t-il de flirter avec la France - »

by Khaled Asmar, MediArabe.info



The letter of Louis XIV, King of France, to Maronites Emir in Mount Lebanon and the patriarchs and bishops of that nation.


"Our heart was overjoyed when we saw our son Simaan come to us, with 25,000 men, bearing witness from your feelings of friendship, and giving us these wonderful gifts. In truth, our sincere friendship that we have begun to feel toward the Maronite house during our stay in Cyprus, where they are located, has more doubled today. And we believe that this nation, which we find established under the name of St. Maron, is a part of the French nation, for his friendship for the French is like the friendship that the French are doing between themselves. Accordingly, it is fair that you and all the Maronites enjoy protection like the French have near us, and you be admitted in jobs as they are themselves.


"We therefore urge you, O noble Emir, to make every effort to make the Lebanese people happy and take care to establish noble among men that you find most worthy, as is the usual in France. To you, sirs, patriarch and bishops, clergy and Maronite people, and your great emir, we have seen with great joy your continued commitment to the Catholic religion, and your reverence for the Catholic leader, the successor of Saint Peter in Rome: we urge you to keep this veneration, and to remain steadfast in this faith.


"For us and our successors on the throne of France, we promise to give you, to you and all your people, our special protection, as we give to the French themselves, and we will work in all circumstances to contribute to your prosperity.»


Charter of St. Louis, King of France, given to the Maronites, in Saint-Jean d'Acre, May 24, 1250.



The source http://www.mediarabe.info/spip.php?article1847


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